Friday, February 18, 2011

100 Treasures From UWA

A book of 100 Treasures of UWA has been released as part of celebrating 100 years since the act of parliament that caused the creation of UWA was signed in 1911. The 100 treasures were selected by the Centenary Planning Committee Chaired by Dr Sue Boyd. Along with the book, the 100 treasures are all up on the web as well. This post will display scans from the book as well as provide direct links to the relevant sections online.

100 Treasures from UWA Book Cover

What is amazing and thrilling to those involved in the UWA Second Life presence is that 'UWA in Second Life' has been selected as one of the 100 treasures! The feeling cannot be described. How the presence that was nothing before the 1st of June 2009 is now one of the 100 treasures spanning a century of history at UWA!

The UWA Second Life Presence

Depicted in the photo is Galea Yates with the image being the main one used for the original UWA Machinima Challenge which spectacularly broke down the barriers between 'Real Life' and 'Second Life' at UWA.

While the overall UWA presence is listed, another exciting development is that 11 of the 100 UWA treasures listed can actually be found at UWA in Second Life.

The Whitfeld Memorial Seat and the Sunken Gardens
The Whitfeld Memorial Seat (#8) and the Sunken Gardens (#9) are seen above. The Second Life (SL) version of the seat was created by quadrapop Lane, original founding curator of Art at UWA (SL). Meanwhile, the Sunken Gardens in SL was amazingly put together by UWA graduate, Minh Tran as the first thing she ever built in the virtual world, under the tutelage of Gryff Richard.

The Rose Window (Winthrop Building)
The Rose Window (#35) modelled on a window from the Basilica of Saint Francis of Asisi in Italy, can be seen here at the UWA SL presence. This was created by co-founder of the UWA presence, Dr Chris Thorne (SL: Dragonmage Bogan) with images taken and enhanced by UWA Computer Science graduate, Wong Tzu Yen.
The Reid Library Walkway
The Reid Library Walkway (#66), while not fully reconstructed in SL, was the inspiration used by quadrapop Lane, UWA Arts Alumni, in creating the main landing point for the UWA presence in Second Life. The sounds you hear at the location, replicate the songs of birds you would hear at the physical site.
Peacocks @ UWA
I believe the Peacocks at UWA (#22) was the most popular response when UWA staff were asked to provide suggestions for consideration by the committee in the selection of the 100 works. UWA's Second Life peacocks were created and donated to the UWA presence by the magical Ninka Darkstone. There is also a white peacock at UWA, which the author has not seen anywhere else in his lifetime.
Mosaic Marble Floor @ Winthrop
The Mosaic Marble Floor (#41) in the foyer of Winthrop Hall was built by Italian stonemasons, the De Marco brothers in the 1930's. Dr Chris Thorne recreated the Second Life space.
The Moreton Bay Fig
The Moreton Bay Fig (#68) at UWA is the authors favourite tree in all the world, and I desperately wanted this to be part of the Second Life presence. And because of this, we have not one, but 2 versions of this grand piece of nature created by two stalwarts of the UWA Challenges. The first by Nyx Breen multi-award winner and many time champion of the UWA Flagship Challenges, the second version by Machinima-maker extraordinnaire, Bradley Curnow (SL: Bradley Dorchester), current reigning champion of the Machinima challenges. Both stepping out of their comfort zones in recreating the Moreton Bay Fig.
Rodney Alsop Memorial Seat & Reflection Pond
The amazing Reflection Pond (#56) in front of the Rodney Alsop Memorial Seat is a favourite haunt of staff and students at UWA, filled with ducklings in the spring, and birds throughout the year, the serenity created by the reflection of Winthrop Hall is unmatched. Recreated in Second Life by quadrapop Lane, this is the start location normally used by Jay Jay Jegathesan, Manager of the School of Physics, when conducting tours of the SL presence.
Winthrop Clock Tower & Balconette
The Winthrop Clock Tower (#38) was the inspiration for the founding of the UWA Second Life presence, the tower, the flora and the fauna. Graduation ceremonies, exams and enrollments are all held inside. We are grateful to Dr Chris Thorne and Dusty Canning for recreating the maginificence that is Winthrop Clock Tower in Second Life.
The Business School
The UWA Business School (#63) building is modern and innovative and creatively uses copper, steel, aluminium, terracotta and sandstone in its design, and evokes themes of the Kimberly, the Pilbaraa, the Goldfields and the Wheatbelt, all preides of Western Australia. Australian architect, Lilli Field, recreated this magnificent architectural structure in Second Life so that it can be used by students of the School of Business under the tutelage of Professor Wade Halvorson.
A listing of some of the 100 works (#58 - UWA Second Life)
The above is an image listing some of the 100 treasures. All 100, can be seen here. I am blown away that UWA in Second Life is part of this!

Jay Jay Jegathesan, Manager, School of Physics


  1. You totally deserve it JJ. Congratulations to you and all those who help you!

  2. I love it going to order a copy the only sadness is - I can not get my lovely friends to sign the pages where their beautiful works are shown - Jeri Rahja

  3. thanks Thirza, Jeri... yeah I received my copy today... and it was absolutely thrilling. Some of the treasures I have not yet seen in real life (tucked away in various parts of the campus) so now we will have to find them and try and see if I can get as many of them to be in the second life presence

  4. Yep....congrats...I have blogged it under my piece on Blue's build.

  5. Congrats to UWA on the centenary and a huge pat on the back for all the SL artists that have helped make the UWA presence banner indeed! Keep up the great work.

  6. Congrats! ... and what an excellent recognition for all that UWA has done for the arts in Second Life.