Sunday, February 27, 2011

People's Choice Vote: February Round - UWA 3D Open Art Challenge


The People's Choice Vote for the February Round of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge is underway.

79 artworks in for February from the wonderful world of artists of Second Life.

See them here. Voting takes place directly at each artwork

Vote for as many entries as you like, on a scale of 1 to 3. Note that any vote is a positive vote. If you don't like something, don't vote for it. It's important that you look at all the works and to vote for all the pieces that truly speak to you. You are, of course, welcome to encourage your friends to come see the show and to vote for their favorite pieces. But please don't tell them to just come and vote for yours. It's about the art, not the artist!

Announcements & Party
6am slt Friday 4th March HERE

1 Aletta Woodford No idea...
2 Aneli Abeyante Connexions blanche
3 Anley Piers Dark Earth
4 Artfox Daviau Windy
5 artist Loon A mob
6 Asmita Duranjaya Connections
7 Asmita Duranjaya Sparkling New World
8 Betty Tureaud The lost girls from the Teahouse
9 Cat Boccaccio I don't count
10 ChapTer Kronfeld Sonic Space of Silence
11 Cherry Manga Through the Looking-Glass
12 Cherry Manga Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
13 Cheyenne Palisades Kaboom Teleport Rocket
14 Corcosman Voom Take Peppers, Add Wings
15 Daco Monday mano
16 Daco Monday libro metaverso
17 Eifachfilm Vacirca Colorfall Meditation
18 Fae Varriale Gaia dreams
19 Fae Varriale Steam-Angel
20 Faery Sola Unicorn
21 fiona Blaylock Private Dancer
22 fiona Blaylock Camille Claudel and Rodin
23 Fuschia Nightfire Dirty Fucking Rats
24 Garnet Trilling Thru the Eye's of a Glass Artist
25 Gingered Alsop The Seeds of Change
26 Gingered Alsop Delighted to See You
27 Gleman Jun Memories etched in the sand
28 Gore Suntzu Simurgh
29 Ichtyo Broome [S T R U C T U R E ]
30 Ichtyo Broome [ F O R M ]
31 Jesse Keyes Water wheel house
32 Jimmy Debruyere Seed Totem
33 kyra Roxan Choice
34 L1Aura Loire IceOpal
35 Lea Supermarine and Jarapanda Snook The Rhythm of Mood
36 Loup Erin Looking for Freedom
37 Loup Erin Kiss me, I'm so Horny
38 Luciella Lutrova Dance of Colours
39 Luko Enoch Stand & Deliver the Universe
40 Marcus Inkpen The Observatory
41 mcarp Mavendorf Cuckoo Clock
42 mcarp Mavendorf Clock 3
43 Menubar Memorial Psychedelic Sunshine Fractal
44 Miah Seetan Fadel Dradel
45 Miah Seetan Weather Box
46 Miah Seetan Cube of Confusion
47 Milly Sharple Trip the Light Fantastic
48 Miso Susanowa Ceci n'est pas un Magritte
49 Misprint Thursday Digital Glove
50 Miss Crumb My blinking heart
51 Moeuhane Sandalwood Sunburst - Your Energy Future
52 Nema Galicia Rebirth
53 Nino Vichan Shackling of Pregnant Incarcerated Women
54 patrich Merlin Fractals Dream
55 PatriciaAnne Daviau Tiny cats in bottles
56 PatriciaAnne Daviau Venice boat scene
57 Penumbra Carter IKEA Thought Police
58 Pol Jarvinen Infinite
59 quadrapop Lane White Osteo
60 quadrapop Lane Chaos Flower
61 Scarp Godenot Soundless Fire Vortex Exhales
62 Scottius Polke Jacks in the Box
63 Secret Rage The Transparancy of Thought
64 Secret Rage Choices
65 Sharni Azalee Butterfly Dreams
66 Sharni Azalee "Alone" Sorrow Tree
67 Silene Christen Freedom
68 Silene Christen Planned obsolence
69 soror Nishi Midnight Faerie Grove
70 Takni Miklos Candy necklace
71 Takni Miklos Toki pona
72 typote Beck The Minotaur of carton
73 Winter Ravenheart Abstract Falls
74 Winter Ravenheart Consequences of a Precious Balance
75 Xen Oller SL hamsa amulet
76 Xenophile Neurocam Chaotic Atomic
77 Ynot Fenua Rez Tryptych
78 Yooma Mayo Gecko On the box
79 zephyru Zapedzki Bettie Paige painted

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