Sunday, February 6, 2011

UWA FULL SIM Art Series @ the UWA Virtlantis SIM presents Blue Tsuki's "Vessel"


Blue Tsuki's "Vessel" begins with a concentric circular landform of unknown time and process bearing ancient witness to a monumental floating vessel of circular and spiral motifs. A giant artifact, the cavernous vessel moves through 4 levels revealing views, mysteries and memories, culminating in a solitary balancing act. Vessel incorporates forms and motifs from Blue Tsuki's 2D prints: circular forms and visions annotate a central figure, precarious at the nexus. Blue's work often incorporates a dream inspired surreality that courts the collective subconscious.

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Blue Tsuki is both a Second Life artist/ builder and a RL fine artist. He has worked for many years in a variety of mediums. Trained as a painter and print-maker he has a history of experimentation and unique process art-making. He has shown paper pulp paintings, mixed media sculpture installations, unique process photography, interactive electronic music sculpture and traditional graphite drawings. Blue has worked with computers in one form or another for 20 years with a concentration on computer graphics. For the past several years he has focused on high resolution archival digital prints as well as the emerging art forms of virtual worlds.

A true epic by a master craftsman. The site is ppen now till Midnight on the last day of February!

While the SIM is officially open, Blue will organize a little event at the site in a week or so.


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