Sunday, May 22, 2011

People's Choice Voting is Now Active

In one of the most exciting rounds ever, the UWA gallery is packed with 78 amazing new entries. Come spend some quality time with the best in SL art! Deadline for voting is Saturday, June 4 at noon SLT. The awards ceremony is 6AM SLT, Sunday, June 5.

In response to the survey JayJay is doing, an earlier deadline is being established for the competitions. Entries are now due by the 20th of each month. This means the complete collection of entries will be on display in the UWA gallery for a full two weeks. This is good for the artists and good for the visitors. But remember -- there are 78 pieces by 56 artists, including 16 who have never submitted work before. It could easilly take you two weeks to see it all, so don't put it off!

We're still collecting your ideas and impressions about the UWA Challenges. If you haven't yet had a chance to participate in the survey, please take a few minutes to do so. Go to:

-FreeWee Ling

Here is the complete list of May entries:

1 Alizarin Goldflake Nido de Serpiente
2 Anley Piers Death to profit
3 Apmel Goosson Timelike loop (or why we have free will)
4 artist Loon Totemic
5 Artistide Despres Une Horde de Cordes
6 Barry Richez Peace and Love
7 Betty Tureaud ice color cube
8 Betty Tureaud Tsunami
9 Cat Carfagno Beginning of Knowledge and Sorrow
10 Cherry Manga soul nourishment
11 Cherry Manga poetry elixir
12 Cheyenne Palisades Robot Sanatorium Conveyor Belt
13 Corcosman Voom Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes
14 Daco Monday Nudo
15 Daco Monday scream and smile
16 Delgado Cinquetti Rip-Tide Tunnel
17 Delgado Cinquetti BoB's BIG Wheel!
18 Earl Dinkin Fire Flyer Second Flyer Second Flight
19 Finn Lanzius Diamond Tree
20 Finn Lanzius Diamond Sculpture
21 fiona Blaylock Fallen
22 fiona Blaylock Snowdrift
23 Ginger Alsop Monocolar Rings
24 Ginger Alsop Abandoned
25 Ginger Lorakeet Cornfield
26 Ginger Lorakeet In Wonderland
27 Gleman Jun The acrobat
28 Gleman Jun Eternal life of the seasons by Gleman Jun
29 Haveit Neox Immortal Blue
30 Hypatia Pickens House of Uneasy Chairs
31 Jesse Keyes Fountain Meditation
32 Kicca Igaly Dream of a Midsummer Night
33 Kobuk Farshore What the Ether Asked of the Girl Who Listened
34 L1Aura Loire One and Four Timeboards
35 Lollito Larkham The Refacer
36 Lollito Larkham The Humanical Frog
37 Loup Erin TV Sleuth-girl caught
38 Loup Erin RWB Bot - Bird
39 Luko Enoch Qualix
40 Maryva Mayo Gust of wind
41 Maryva Mayo Kaleidoscope
42 Merlino Mayo Golden Age
43 Milly Sharple Butterfly Ball
44 Milly Sharple Whimsy
45 Miso Susanowa Time As A Helix of Semi-precious Stones
46 Miss Crumb cool blue picture and jelly fish
47 Moeuhane Sandalwood Mother Earth's Heart Pt.1
48 Nino Vichan Realm of the Gods: Desire and Transformation
49 Oberon Onmura Uncanny Valley
50 Persephone Requiem Clarisse's Lament
51 pravda Core Ancient Ruins
52 pravda Core Angels of death
53 Pumpkin Tripsa Danu
54 Reezy Frequency Twenty-one Doves
55 Ronin1 Shippe Farmer's Field at Sunset
56 Ronin1 Shippe Vincent's Ocean
57 Rory Torrance Mysterium Tremendum
58 Rory Torrance rainbow-twister
59 Secret Rage Peace of Mind
60 Secret Rage Witness: the growth of an idea
61 Silene Christen Ball
62 Sledge Roffo Spatial
63 Soda Lemondrop Esibizionismo
64 soror Nishi The Old White Pelican Tree
65 spiral silverstar Zen Fractalis
66 spiral silverstar Fingers Holding Secrets
67 Tani Thor Mars Forest
68 Tani Thor Nevicata
69 torno Kohime l'astronauta
70 torno Kohime Leone
71 Toughlove Sabra The Real Cost of Oil
72 Uman Kesslinger The Reaper King
73 Uman Kesslinger Freak Garden
74 Wizard Gynoid 5x8 Compound Cube
75 Yooma Mayo Clock Work Dreaming
76 Zany Foxtrot fidelity
77 Zany Foxtrot unicorn
78 Zeni Rain Bounce

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