Friday, May 27, 2011

31st MAY CLOSING - UWA RL (and SL) Photographic Competition: A Century of Seasons


University of Western Australia's "A Century of Seasons Photographic Competition" is being held to celebrate the diversity of The University of Western Australia’s campus at Crawley as well as other sites associated with the University. Images that reflect the seasonal, scenic, academic, botanical and/or atmospheric characteristics of these sites are sought.

Closing Date : 31st May 2011
Method of Entry: Webform on UWA Office of Development and Alumni Relations Website




The above is taken from the website of the Office of Development and Alumni Relations, UWA. This was initially envisioned by them as an RL only Photo competition, however, they have now confirmed to me that PHOTOS TAKEN IN SECOND LIFE AT THE UWA CAMPUS ARE ELIGIBLE!

I am adding a L$25,000 prize to anyone whose works are selected for the calendar.

This is the message I received from the Chair of the UWA Friends of the Grounds Photographic Competition and Calendar Sub-committee.

"I was forwarded your email [as chairperson of the relevant group who organizes it] last week regarding the eligibility of photos for the virtual UWA site. Having consulted the others in the Group, all of whom attended your excellent presentation a few weeks ago, we think it is a great idea – the competition is called 'A Century of Seasons' and surely this includes the 'then', the 'now' and the future. Please encourage your friends to submit their images. I look forward to seeing them – and hearing the comments of the judges."

I am not closely involved in the running of this competition, and in fact intend to submit a few snaps myself. If any avatars feature in a photo you want to send in, please have written permission from the person allowing you to send the photo in.

The SL campus at UWA is made up of both replications of the campus grounds, as well as areas that exist only in second life. I do not have detailed knowledge of the judging criteria, but my personal advice would be to focus on areas of the campus which can be recognized against the RL campus, meaning areas like the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge Gallery, will probably have no traction (and this is just my guess). To assist the many who would be unfamiliar with the RL campus, here are some suggested areas, that the panel would recognize as being representative of UWA:

Winthrop Clock Tower & Reflecting Pond

Sunken Gardens
Physics Building

School of Business Building
The Ken & Julie Michael Building (Motorola Building)

Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery
Moreton Bay Fig Trees

UWA Law Building

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