Sunday, May 15, 2011

Phoenix Embers Showcats to Perform @ MachinimUWA III Grand Finale, 6am SLT Sunday 22nd May


PHOENIX EMBERS SHOWCATS will kick off the Grand Finale of MachinimUWA III: Journeys with a debut performance of "The Cinema Show"

The Phoenix Embers Showcats are a dancing group, consisting of 7-12 incredible dancers, around the founder and choreographer Laurina Hawks.

The bursting soundtrack - a mix of some well known movie scores,  is brought to life by a well studied dancing set, enriched by a stunning lighshow and  will make the entire stage act to a memorable event. Those girls are dancing live, no "puppeteer" scripts are used. Choreographer Hawks is leading the girls with several tools through the dances, supported by stage operator Shara Whitfield and light engineer Makiso Daviau.
please visit to watch movies, lookup the calendar and get more information.

The trophy for the winners of machinimUWA III is a fabulous nano version of  Winthrop Clock Tower, created by the Nano Artist Mkoll Wiles especially for this Challenge

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