Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Victoria Lenoirre's Review of L'Impatiens from the September UWA 3d Challenge Round

I only reviewed 5 pieces so this is the sixth one. It was the little impatient man in the black suit that first caught my eye. After a closer look, I knew I wanted  to know drew me in. I started writing this about a week before voting was closed. The artist requested that I not publish the interview until after judging, so here it is. :-)

L'Impatiens by Josiane Sorciere
What do you use to build and animate your sculpties with?

I use the Puppeteer animator, a great tool made by Todd Borst. I know that there is another animator with additional features, such as changing textures and prim parameters, but I can't remember its name. I tested it once, but I prefer the Puppeteer because it is the easiest for me to use. I didn't build the sculpties though. I'm not able to do that... I'm just an assembler :)

What inspired this piece?

Well, most of my buildings are inspired by my friends, and this one isn't an exception. The truth is that since I brought the ballerina to the UWA gallery, Jayjay kept asking me for more artwork. I had no idea of what to do. I thought of something, but I never started it; because it turned out to be more complicated than I expected. Then in late August or early September, he asked me how this idea was going. I asked for another week, went into my garden, and thought, thought, thought of what i could build; and that's when the L'impatience came to my mind like lightning \o/.

The little man in black looks impatient. Is the brown man who seems to be flying and working at the artist's bench impatient too? What is happening with the brown man or should I call him the artist?

Yes, the brown man is the artist. He goes from one thing to the other, trying to find THE idea, but he has trouble finding inspiration in his music, painting, and sculpting... I try to represent his irritation. And that's the point. Who do you think is the most impatient? The artist trying to come up with an idea, or the "boss" that's waiting for his artwork ?

What's the meaning in this piece? I feel like there's a lot of symbolism in it.

There is... maybe... maybe not... I'm not good at symbolism; everyone sees in it what they want.
I feel that artwork should be interpreted freely by each individual. I don't even think artworks should be explained by their creators ;) because there is no right or wrong meaning in interpreting an artwork.

I agree wholeheartedly, Josiane. Artwork is open to interpretation. I always find it special to learn what art means to an artist. It is like how writers give meaning to their own writing. It is a a brief glance into their heart and their view of the world. It is truly beautiful that with art, there is no right or wrong...just creativity and inspiration.

A belated congratulations to Josiane Sorciere and all the other winners who won awards in September! You all did amazing work!


  1. My answer to the last question was a bit consensual... It was hard to answer because I didn't build L'Impatience in thinking I was building an artwork. I more or less promised a long time ago to Jayjay to bring something else to the UWA art challenge, I have no idea of what to do, so I tried to represent an episode in my life, a state of mind, that's why I dont see any symbolism in it.
    I built that as a kind of joke, I was playing with prims, as usual. But I don't think I'm an artist, and I don't think Jay is a buisness man smoking cigars. To me, it's quite only animated prims, the Puppeteer is easy to use, and anybody could have do the same.
    Then, it can talk to people, remind them feelings, sensations, minds... but I can't tell for them ;)
    Thank you very much for reviewing L'Impatience, I'm very honored !
    Josiane Sorciere

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