Sunday, October 2, 2011


Paleillusion and Nexuno Thespian, first time entrants to the UWA Open Art Challenge shocked the field in taking the top two spots, with 'You Can't Touch Heaven' (L$10,000) and 'Autumn' (L$7,500) respectively. Even bigger winners in terms of prize money were Romy Nayar, whose work, Fantasia En La Sombra, took 4 prizes and L$13,500 (3rd Overall, Nordan Prize, S&S Gallery OFA Prize, 2nd in the People's Choice) and Josiane Sorciere, who won 3 prizes and L$12,500 (Curator's Prize, Phi Designs Prize, 1st in the People's Choice). Nish Mip's 'The Crossing' was joint 3rd with Romy, ensuring all 3 parts of a sweeping saga on the end of virtual worlds created by Nish feature in the Grand Finale. SL art veteran, sledge Roffo's work, 'Primscape Dream' also gained entry to the Grand Finale by virtue of winning 2 Group Prizes (Pirats Prize & The Peace Prize), with the incomparable soror Nishi taking the Non-Scripted Prize with 'Still Life'.  2 Mesh works featured in the Awards with Pumpkin Tripsa taking the project Z Prize with 'Water' and Artistide Despres continuing her unrivalled 6 month winning streak, taking the UTSA Prize.

Complete photo archive of all 64 September entries, thanks to FreeWee Ling:

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1st Prize: (L$10,000)
YOU CAN'T TOUCH HEAVEN by paleIllusion

"OMG ... i feel like being at the Oscar!!!! When i started Second Life i never expected to create Art in here. My first building just looked like unintended art, so one day a guy came along and said ... "Hey that's art..... looks sooooo crazy!"  I was a bit pissed, it wasnt supposed to be art... i just wanted to create my first home! But in a way i have to thank this stranger!  He made me think of doing art in SL as well.
When i created this artwork, i thought most will stand in front of it saying  "yeah, it looks nice but why this name?" ..i didnt expected much to find the TP. I liked the idea! Seems i was wrong and most of them found it!  The theme dieing and art is a heavy one, so i feel honored even more!!!!
Now i am here, a lot of great artists around, some did works i really adore! I want to thank  all of you!  And to come back to my Oscar feeling..... Thanks to the academy!!!!!!!!!!  Have a nice day!!!!!!" paleillusion

2nd Prize : ( L$7,500)
AUTUMN by nexuno Thespian

"This night in real life I work in hospital but i think i don t sleep at the same for happiness, really thanks, the child that lives in me at 43 years is bursting for joy :)t hanks again" nexuno Thespian

3rd Prize - JOINT: (@L$2,500)

"I'm really pleased that the crossing has been awarded a prize. It rounds things up for me nicely    thankyou so much. It means a lot thankyou" Nish Mip


"Uwa thank you very much for giving me the  3rd Prize award, is really a great thrill to be part
of the winners."
Romy Nayar

Best Non-Scripted Prize : (@L$5,000)
STILL LIFE by soror Nishi

"It's great to have an unscripted piece take a prize because although scripting is an integral part of SL, the prims have to be right too. So I'm very happy to be appreciated for my sculpture." soror Nishi

UTSA Prize: (L$5,000)
THE TWELVE DWARVES by Artistide Despres

"Thanks to UTSA for this prize ! UTSA has allways been a special place for me: with the installation of long duration shows like IMAGINE or METAMORPHOSIS. Their secret: a very professional good hearted people. Love you guys !"  Artistide Despres

SL Art Prize: (L$5,000)
YOU CAN'T TOUCH HEAVEN by paleIllusion

Odyssey Prize: (L$5,000)

"Thankyou. I like saying my dream paintings & 3d creations are deadpan simplifications like the
core of a lightning bolt or like a five pixel camera. Of my problem solving thinking, not of
what I see. I think I recently found out the word for this is "abstract" or "abstraction", which
scientist use to mean a reduction of complexity."
Earl Dinkin

Pirats Prize: (L$5,000)

"It pleases me so much to know that other's appreciate the experience of Primscape Dream.  I feel very lucky to be among the winners at the UWA Challenge." Sledge Roffo

CARP Prize: (L$5,000)
AVATAR BLENDER by Pixels Sideways

"Thanks and hugs to Josina and Velazquez at CARP for this award.   I'm delighted that The Avatar Blender was chosen for its humor.  I love creating work that is fun, entertaining, interactive and hopefully will bring a smile and some laughter.  I'd also like to thank Jayjay and Freewee for hosting and curating the UWA challenge series.  And last but not least, a very big thank you to Georg Janick (Gary Zabel) who is not only a great friend, but for several years has graciously shared the Caerleon sims to provide artists with a place to experiment, learn, share knowledge, exhibit works, collaborate and play.  Georg's involvement with art in Second Life is significant and many artists in Second Life have benefited from his generosity and support in addition to the thousands of Second Life residents who have enjoyed numerous exhibitions featuring dozens of amazing works of art by both well established and novice artists alike." Pixels Sideways

Nordan Art Prize: (L$5,000)

BOSL Prize: (L$5,000)
BIRD IN LOVE by Cherry Manga

"Thanks so much to BOSL and UWA for this prize, I am touched by this recognition" Cherry Manga

S&S Gallery OFA Prize (L$5,000)


Tornado Gallery (L$5,000)

"I would like to thank the following for being great inspirations for me:
fuschia nghtfire, claudia 333, bryn oh, am radio, eliza wierwight, maya paris, cherry manga"
RAG Randt

The Workhouse & Art place d-oo-b Prize (L$5,000)
THE PRISON OF THE SELF by Soda Lemondrop

"I was struck by how one can be sad and dejected, depressed in a world filled with wonder and beauty and wanted to convey that in this art piece. We truly are locked firmly within the walls of self and see the world through our own mind and not as it exists. The translucent nature scene around the bent over saddened figure shows the mystery of creation around her, yet she sees it not, locked within her own thoughts and mind. Thank you all who voted for this piece!" Soda Lemondrop

Phi Designs Prize (L$5,000)
L'IMPATIENCE by Josiane Sorciere

"I'm very happy people like this oppressed artist ;).  I'm very honored to have been rewarded 3 times ! Thank you very much, it should motivate me to bring more artworks. 3 times, I just can't believe it !" Josiane Sorciere

project Z Prize: (L$5,000)
WATER by Pumpkin Tripsa

"It's a huge honor recognized by Zachh Cale with Project Z.  He does outstanding work in bringing art in SL to the forefront." Pumpkin Tripsa
Curator's Choice Award (L$5,000):
L'IMPATIENCE by Josiane Sorciere

"I'm very happy people like this oppressed artist ;).  I'm very honored to have been rewarded 3 times ! Thank you very much, it should motivate me to bring more artworks. 3 times, I just can't believe it !" Josiane Sorciere

People's Choice Award, 1st Prize: (L$2,500)
L'IMPATIENCE by Josiane Sorciere

"I'm very happy people like this oppressed artist ;).  I'm very honored to have been rewarded 3 times ! Thank you very much, it should motivate me to bring more artworks. 3 times, I just can't believe it !" Josiane Sorciere

People's Choice Award, 2nd Prize: (L$1,000)

For anyone interested in seeing the full text of the announcement by Jayjay Zifanwe, delivered from 6am slt on SUNDAY, 2nd October, it is reproduced as follows:

Greetings everyone, and welcome to the University of Western Australia, or UWA as she is known and also welcome to the SEPTEMBER round announcement of winners and party for the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge. As is tradition at UWA, I would like to acknowledge that the University is situated on Nyoongar land and that the Nyoongar people remain the spiritual and cultural custodians of their land and continue to uphold their values, languages, beliefs and knowledge.

This is the 11th of 12 monthly rounds for the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge. October will be the final monthly round and this is followed by the Grand Finale across the month of November! The first thing I would like to do is to thank and acknowledge the major art houses and groups in Second Life that are part of this Grand Collaboration. These include The University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA) led by Dr Carmen Fies, SL Art led by Gleman Jun & Sunset Quinnel, CARP led by Josina Burgess & Velazquez Bonetto, Pirats Art Network led by  Merlina Rokocoko & Newbab Zsigmond, Odyssey led by Fau Ferdinand, Jo Ellsmere & Lizsolo Mathilde,  BOSL led by Frolic Mills and Editorial Clarity, Nordan Art led by Flora Nordanskiold, S&S Gallery of Fine Art led by TheDove Rhode, The Workhouse Gallery led by Astarte Haalan, Art Place d-oo-b led by Eifachfilm Vacirca, The Tornado Gallery led by Taralyn Gravois, project Z led by Zachh Cale and UWA with Professor Ted Snell, Chair of the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council for the Arts as Chair of the UWA judging panel.

UWA would also like to acknowledge fellow sponsors, MidnightRain Glas, Philip Vought, Bohemian Ghost, Patch Thibaud and Aino Baar of Open This End.

65  entries were received for the SEPTEMBER round, spread out across this sim-wide 'Living Gallery'! As always, I love seeing new artists (to the UWA Challenges), and in the AUGUST round we welcomed   Elize Foxclaw, Katy Isodo, Karla Cadell, nexuno Thespian and  paleIllusion.
We have been through 23 monthly rounds since all this started in August 2009 and more than 400 artists have been involved. Only 1 to go.

This L$1,400,000 challenge will see more than L$100,000 being distributed each month, with the Grand Prize winner at the end of it all walking away with L$100,000 also. The many contributions coming in from everyone through the little donations receiver will this year be put towards special prizes, including the Curator's Choice Award.

It is important to me to also acknowledge everyone who did contribute over the month towards prizes across the year and the Grand Finale. Thank you michaelpaul Starship, Gumby Roffo, Labyrinthian, Nish Mip, fiona Blaylock, Quan Lavender, Mania Amat, Armany Thursday, Harter Fall, paloma Bigbear and Pixels Sideways.

As always I acknowledge the international connections made through SL, and up to now, the various challenges have seen artists, builders and machinimatographers hailing from India,  Colombia, Poland, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, Ukraine, Taiwan, Hungary, Latvia, Russia, Venezuela,  Belgium, Mexico, Wales, Canada, the USA, the UK, Uruguay, Scotland,England, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, France, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Denmark,  Holland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Cuba, Serbia, Tunisia, Germany, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. More than 40 nations with 6 of the 7 continents of the world represented.

At this point I would like for all of you to help me acknowledge the amazing work required to keep all of this going. Curator of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge & Creator of this gallery .......  FreeWee Ling.
Do check out the amazing photo gallery she has put together over the months

As always many things happened since the last announcements.
We had the return of the original UWA Machinimatographer Iono Allen to produce a wonderful Machinina:

We have a great tag team to finish the official machinimas for September and October with Bert Jedburgh and Pia Klaar taking the final 2 months!

The amazing artworks have provided the perfect material for the L$300,000  MachininUWA IV: Art of the Artists. The most recent submissions for this have come from Hypatia Pickens and Carl Velde and we have 16 entries in all.  The challenge here is to create a machinima that features some (or one) of the artworks submitted to the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge. You can choose to film as many (or as few) as you like, and you may submit any number of entries. The theme is wide open, only the subject matter is fixed in that it must have been exhibited at some point for the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge. This is a tribute to all of you, the wonderful 3D artists who have created all the masterful works that surround you now. This closes on the 10th of November, so do encourage any colleagues of yours who create machinima to work with you and your creations.

The success in getting Second Life images into the UWA Friends of the Grounds Calendar hit the RL newspapers in Western Australia, with the Jooondalup Weekender paper carrying a story on it early this month.

The UWA experience in virtual worlds also featured in a special session of the SLanguages Conference 2011 on the 18th of September, 'Educational Success Stories in Virtual Worlds'. SLanguages 2011 was the 5th annual symposium focusing on language learning in virtual worlds and game-based learning taken place in Second Life.

Then on the 24th of September 2011, the story behind the development of the UWA presence in Second Life was told at the inaugural meeting of the Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) Western Australia: 'Sense of Place' Network. RCEs across the world, facilitated through the United Nations University (UNU), make up the Global Learning Space for Sustainable Development and aspire to achieve the goals of the UN (DESD, 2005-2014), by translating its global objectives into the context of the local communities in which they operate.

The meeting took place in real life in the Senate Room of the University of Western Australia deep in the heart of UWA's iconic Winthrop Clock Tower. Chaired by UWA's Dean of Science, Winthrop Professor Tony O'Donnell, the steering group of 15 was introduced to second life, and invited to watch a meeting taking place in second life, as seen in the photo above.

Assisting in the second life demonstration were Briarmelle Quintessa of the Manukau Institute of Technology (New Zealand), Prof Abel Barasa Atiti (United Nationa University, Yokohama, Japan) secret Rage (Texas), Diane Elton (Perth) and RCE coordinator Deborah Bowie (University of Western Australia).

On the 1st of October we also kicked off both the LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES and the UWA SKY SIM SERIES with Rebeca Bashly's 'Inferno' and & jjccc Coronet's Art. Landmarks and details are here. Please ensure you visit these amazing works that will be open across the month of October!

As I said previously,  the October Round will be the final monthly round of the art challenges at UWA.  There won't be monthly art challenges at UWA once the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge draws to a close. HOWEVER, this DOES NOT mean that its the end of art at UWA. The art gallery will remain, and revert to how galleries normally operate, and FreeWee Ling will continue as curator.

The only thing ending is MONTHLY art challenges. There will be a major art challenge probably in the middle of 2012, and MachinimUWA V will also be run in 2012. Both will have a theme and will be relatively open but loosely tied to UWA's centenary in RL as she is 100 years old. So everything remains the same at UWA, Teaching, Research, Architecture and Art in general. The only change will be that there will no longer be a monthly art challenge.

I would like to acknowledge the members of the UWA judging panel. On the panel were:
1. Professor Ted Snell (RL) - Director, Cultural Precinct, The University of Western Australia
2. Raphaella Nightfire (SL) -  Snr Writer Best of SL Magazine, Owner Sanctorum Gallery
3. Len Zuks (RL) - Award Winning West Australian Sculpturist 
4. FreeWee Ling (SL) - Curator, UWA 3D Open Art Challenge
5. Laetitia Wilson (RL) - Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts, UWA
6. Lyn DiCiero (RL) - Editor, WA Artist's Chronicle
7. Julia Alessandrini - Curator (Public and Academic Programs), Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery & UWA Museums
8. Minh Ngo - Trove Interactive Creative Arts Journal Writer,
9. Will Langa  - Trove Interactive Creative Arts Journal Writer,
10. And expert paper shuffler  ...... Yours Truly

Those who followed procedings last year would know that for the Grand Finale, the panel expands to include many SL Art personalities, and for this new challenge, the expanded panel will include:

1. Sasun Steinbeck  -  Creator of the Art Galleries of SL list at
2. Tayzia Abattoir (SL) Owner of  The Oldest Virtual World Art Museum in SL, curator of the Aho Museum & Arts Simulacra on the NMC Campus and Relay For LIfe of SL Event Chair
3. Lumiere Noir (SL) - Creator of the Ivory Tower Library of Primitives
4. Dr. Phylis Johnson (RL) - Media  Professor, Southern Illinois Uinversity, Author - Machinima: Aesthetics and Practice (a.k.a, Sonicity Fitzroy, SL Virtual Journalist)
5. Rowan Derryth (SL) - Art & Design Historian; Writer for Prim Perfect Publications
6. Persia Bravin (SL) -   Journalist and Media Producer (SL newspapers, magazines, radio and television)
7  Dr Carmen Fies (RL) - Second Life Lead: University of Texas San Antonio & UTSA Artspace
8. Apollo Manga (SL) - Writer & Novelist
9.  Jordan Whitt (SL) - Editor in Chief, ICON Lifestyle Magazine
10. Mariposa Upshaw (SL) - Curator - Ventura Art & Jardine; Officer, Arts Council of Second Life
11. Saffia Widdershins (SL) - Owner and Editor of Prim Perfect Publications
12. Phillip Vought (SL) - Art Philanthropist & Founding Patron of UWA-BOSL Amphitheatre
13. Bohemian Ghost (SL) - Art Philanthropist & Owner of Summerland Estates
14. Ally Aeon (SL) - Founder Aeonia Artist Group, creator/owner of the art region Aeonia
15.  Aino Baar (SL) - Owner of the Open This End Group

Now for the winners. The winners will be announced in 1 minute intervals. We invite everyone to comment and congratulate the winners and for the winners to respond before the next announcement (and if they could please use the SHOUT function).  Also prizes will be given immediately following the announcements, so if you have won, please do stay till the end of the announcements.

First the People's Choice Awards. For this, I always start off by thanking GeeJAnn Blackadder, who created this wonderful voting system for us.  Its been working a treat since being set up, and greatly assists in the running of the People's Choice!

The People's Choice Award, where all of SL is invited to vote, carries a 1st ($L2,500) and a 2nd prize ($L1,000).  More than a 1,000 votes/points were split across the the artworks
For the PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD, 2nd prize (L$1,000) goes to:

AND, the winner of the SEPTEMBER PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD (L$2,500) is:
 L'IMPATIENCE by Josiane Sorciere

 that little boss  guy was waiting for a long time to get the decision

Very strong in the voting for the People's Choice Award (and in no particular order) were:
Autumn & Koi Man in a Box by nexuno Thespian, Primscape Dream by Sledge Roffo, Bird in Love & Seduction by Cherry Manga, The Crossing by Nish Mip, The Prison of Self by Soda Lemondrop, Mist of Time by Wolk Writer

THIRTEEN Art Group Prizes of L$5,000 each have been awarded by the various judging panels for the SEPTEMBER Round of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge:

The Odyssey Prize (L$5,000) with a panel led by Fau Ferdinand, Joe Ellsmere & Lizsolo Mathilde goes to

The CARP Prize (L$5,000) whose focus is on scripting with a panel led by Velasquez Bonnetto & Josina Burgess goes to:
AVATAR BLENDER by Pixels Sideways

Said the panel, "The CARP Prize is for best use of script and originality. It was again difficult because there were several works with a nice use of scripts. Idea (concept),  artform, scripting,  and possibilities of the script was for CARP a great joy to watch. CARP gives the prize to Pixels Sideways  for 'Avatar Blender' a  work with humor, interactive and well build .."

The SL Art Prize (L$5,000) with a panel led by Gleman Jun & Sunset Quinnell goes to:
YOU CAN'T TOUCH HEAVEN by paleIllusion

The UTSA Prize (L$5,000) with a panel led by Dr Carmen Fies goes to:
THE TWELVE DWARVES by Artistide Despres

 maintaining Artee's longest winning streak at the UWA Challenge, as she has won a prize in every single month she has competed across the past 5 months   (or was it six)

Next the joint Workhouse & Art Place d-o-o-b Prize (L$5,000) with a panel led by Astarte Haalan and Elfachfilm Vacirca goes to:
THE PRISON OF THE SELF by Soda Lemondrop

In discussing this work, the judges explained, "A cage is still a cage, even if the walls are painted with images of a park-like setting, and the bars are subtle and the enclosure is attractive. A figure sits in despair, even though the world inside the cage seems lush and beautiful. The luckiest among us can be prisoners of our own success. No one is exempt from the constraints of the modern world. Even those of us with privilege and advantage can be trapped in in a gilded cage.  Prisons created for other human beings are terrible things, prisons made from war or famine are truly awful, but the prisons we create for our selves can be equally horrifying."

The BOSL Prize (L$5,000) with a panel led by Frolic Mills & Editorial Clarity goes to:
BIRD IN LOVE by Cherry Manga

Said one of the BOSL panel, "The entries in the competition each month never fail to wow me. The different art pieces that are created make me in awe of this people who spend time to create amazing pieces such as this. Cherry Manga is someone I really admire, and everytime I see her work it always impresses me. This piece in particular I find very different and interesting. The details in the world are great, and it just stood out for me amongst all of the others, therefore I believe this is the BOSL winner for this month.!"
The Nordan Art Prize (L$5,000) with a panel led by Flora Nordenskiold goes to:

Commenting on the work, the panel saidl, "Romy Nayar's work "Fantasia en la Sombra" consists of a figure, perhaps a little girl, sitting on the floor in a small room in front of a light bulb that is hanging from the ceiling. On the floor behind her, a ball, and on the wall next to her a picture, slightly tilted. The girl has her hands raised in front of the light and she is making shadows on the wall across from where she is sitting. Intermittently, the image of the shadow of her hands escapes and flies away.  Watching this scene, one is immediately drawn in and curious about what might be happening. Once it becomes apparent that it is the shadow of the hands that is flying away, there is an experience close to that of childlike discovery. Romy's work stands out to Nordan Art because she masterfully utilizes fantasy as a means to captivate the viewer."

This piece is also the winner of the unofficial 'Galleri Villa Apmel Award' or at least thats what the google translator says it is in English from Swedish!

The Pirats Prize: (L$5,000) with a panel led by Merlina Rokocoko & Newbab Zsigmond goes to:

The Tornado Gallery Prize (L$5,000) with a panel led by Taralyn Gravois goes to:

The S&S Gallery OFA Prize (L$5,000) with a panel led by TheDove Rhode goes to:
2 Group Awards for this work means direct entry to the Grand Finale for Romy!

Commenting on the work, "For the month of September, THE GALLERY OF SL FINE ART is Honored and thrilled by an amazing piece...wandering the world of many beautiful creative expressions....we  stop and see the flitter of the little butterfly wings, forming from a pair of little shadow fingers...thoughts mingled by a light with colors from a ray at night. Now alive and swirling, up an, up it seemed to drift, free of the cares and the limits of anyworld. Sweet memories and shadows free'd.......little hands did see...! Congratulations Romy Nayar  for your wonderful "Fantasia en la Sombra 3". How I enjoyed your moments recalled, of this fluttering one, and the hands so lighted!!    

The project Z Prize (L$5,000) with a panel led by Zachh Cale goes to:
WATER by Pumpkin Tripsa

The Phi Designs Prize (L$5,000) with a panel led by Ginger Alsop goes to:
 L'IMPATIENCE by Josiane Sorciere

 The Phi Designs panel had a very hard time making a decision for this round, and   "Seduction" by Cherry Manga, "Koi man in the box" by nexuno Thespian, "Primscape Dream" by Sledge Roffo, "Autumn" by nexuno thespian, "The Crossing" by Mish Nip and "Fantasia en la Sombra" by romy Nayar all came close to the award.

Said one of the panel, "This is artwork has staying power for me.  There are some works you walk by and get nothing from it, and there are those like L'impatience, that force you to stop and take notice.  This piece grew and grew on me.  Each time, spending a little bit more time than the last.  I can see it in my mind, the movement between all the things the character is doing, and for that it spoke to me.  It reminded me of somebody close to me; as I'm sure it reminded everybody of somebody close to them.  I could see my brother in the bubble, moving endlessly from one thing to another, never getting anything done.  For me I would grow tired.  For my brother; his vice keeps him going.  For a scripted piece in a virtual world to superimpose my experience in real-life is an accomplishment, and completely deserving of the Phi Designs Award for September."

Next the Peace Prize, a special award provided by TheDove Rhode in a personal capacity. The winner of The Peace Prize (L$5,000) is:
In taking this along with the Pirats Prize, Primscape Dream is through to the Grand Finale Round!

Said Dove, "Such a brilliant flow...often breathless I stood..moved and lost in the splendor of the colors. My eyes looking at every angle, peering deeper.. my mind wandered....feeling Peaceful..I remained. Truely and sincerely a dreamscape for me, thank you for bring this amazing Primscape of Dreams into view, filling my minds eye with such Peace! With respect and honor we offer " The Peace Award" to you!"

Next, the Curator's Choice award is chosen by FreeWee Ling:
The SEPTEMBER Curator's Choice Award (L$5,000) goes to:
 L'IMPATIENCE by Josiane Sorciere

In FreeWee's words::
Josiane's previous entry in the March round was one of the most memorable pieces we've seen. She proved herself then as master puppeteer with her elegant little ballerina in a cage. This time she has completely blown us away with her complex narrative piece in animated prims. It's not the materials she uses but the way she uses them that make it compelling. The pantomime animation is beautiful and highly expressive, telling the story clearly with imagination and humor. We are delighted to award this month's Curator's Choice award to Josiane Sorciere.

And thus it is that L'Impatience goes straight through to the Grand Finale as it won a group Award + the Curator's Choice!

Now for the Best Non-Scripted entry. The SEPTEMBER round had an amazing number of high quality non-scripted works. We did manage to prevent a tie from happening for this award, though you will see an interesting postscript before the end of the day. Anyway, the SEPTEMBER winner of the Best Non-Scripted Entry

STILL LIFE by soror Nishi
before today she already held the record for winning the most non-scripted awards, and this only increases her hold on the category!

Now for the top 3 Prizes.  All of these works will go straight to the Grand Finale round. It was a very interesting round made more so by the first time appearance on the panel of the new Curator for Public Programmes for UWA's Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery.
3rd Prize for the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge  for SEPTEMBER goes to:

but...... the panel couldn't seperate this work from another, and we have a JOINT 3rd Prize, both taking home L$2,500. And so
3rd Prize for the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge  for SEPTEMBER ALSO goes to:

completing an amazing treble where all 3 elements in an incredible 3 part saga created by Nish have qualified for the Grand Finale (one in the first year, and 2 for this edition)
Moving on, 2nd Prize for the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge for SEPTEMBER is:

AUTUMN by nexuno Thespian

A wonderful immersive work, by an artist being seen for the first time at UWA!

Now to the winner of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge for AUGUST, following in the footsteps of past champions Snubnose Genopeak, Glyph Graves,  Atomic Gaffer, Fuschia Nightfire/Flivelwitz Alsop, Julez Odigaunt, FreeWee Ling, Bryn Oh, Nish Mip, Josina Burgess, Cherry Manga, Igor Ballyhoo, Suzanne Graves, Lea Supermarine/Jarapanda Snook, Ginger Alsop, Gleman Jun, Dusty Canning, L1aura Loire, Emilin Nakamori and Artistide Despres.

A remarkable piece that blew away the judging panel for the power present in its stillness, it is with great pleasure that we announce that the Winner of 1st Prize (L$10,000) for the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge for SEPTEMBER 2011 is:
YOU CAN'T TOUCH HEAVEN - paleIllusion 

Breaking the stranglehold of the scripting wonders of Artistide Despres, this is only the 2nd month that a non-scriped work has won the 1st overall prize. It thus qualifies for both the overall Grand Finale and the Non-Scripted category as well for the grand finale! First time at UWA, paleillussion... I hope to see more in October.

If anyone wants an NC with the full results, please IM myself or FreeWee Ling
Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to all the artists who have entered the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge. We are officially receiving artworks for OCTOBER which is the FINAL  month, so please do send in your entries as soon as possible as the entries will close on the 20th of the month.


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