Tuesday, October 25, 2011

People's Choice Vote @ UWA: FINAL MONTHLY Round

Come experience the 99 amazing entries for the October round of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge. Choose your favorites for the People's Choice Awards.

VOTING ENDS Friday 28 October at 6:00PM SLT.



Vote for as many entries as you like, on a scale of 1 to 3. Note that ANY VOTE is a POSITIVE vote. If you don't like something, don't vote for it. It's important that you look at all the works and to vote for all the pieces that truly speak to you. You are, of course, welcome to encourage your friends to come see the show and to vote for their favorite pieces. But please don't ask them to just come and vote for yours. It's about the art, not the artist!

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Quans Travelogues

1    Alizarin Goldflake    Seahorse Merry Go Round
2    Anley Piers    History Of Falls
3    Araminta Kroitschov    Moving Between Worlds
4    Artistide Despres    Wizz-Pow-Blop
5    Artistide Despres    Gyroscope
6    Asperix Asp    Outer Life
7    Asterion Coen    Russian nuclear strategic submarine Typhoon going to patrol
8    Bloo Ansar    Peeping Pillar
9    Blue Tsuki    In Dreams
10    briawinde Magic    gentle spring
11    Cat Boccaccio    The Dance of Two
12    ChapTer Kronfeld    I Love You
13    ChapTer Kronfeld    Fundamentals of All Primitive
14    Cherry Manga    Fertility
15    Cherry Manga    The Machine
16    Corcosman Voom    Hl'adanie
17    Corcosman Voom    Uhg & Two-Bit
18    Daco Monday    Good night...
19    Daco Monday    Riciclo
20    dudi    Unplug
21    Dusty Canning    Wheatfield Collection Exposed
22    Earl Dinkin    A Toy Happy Face Saying Heal Yourself Spelled with Blocks
23    Eliza Wierwight     Two of Three Uneasy Pieces, Part I
24    Eliza Wierwight     Two of Three Uneasy Pieces, Part II
25    Fae Varriale    Flight to freedom
26    Fae Varriale    Mirror worlds
27    Faery Sola    Cautionary Tale: Witches Workplace Health and Safety
28    fiona Blaylock    The Kachinas
29    Fuschia Nightfire    Gateway to Hell
30    Gfresh Botha    I got 99 poblems & the rich aint one
31    Ginger Lorakeet    Advice from a Caterpillar
32    Ginger Lorakeet    Wonderland Hall
33    Giovanna Cerise    Overlaps
34    Ha Imako    Pieces (Abstract5 3D)
35    Ha Imako    Look at me
36    Harter Fall    99%
37    Haveit Neox    Second Libations Preview
38    Hypatia Pickens    Flight and Follower
39    Jimmy Debruyere    Yellow Cylinders
40    jjccc coronet     spikey ball wasp edition
41    jjccc coronet     Full on big bug
42    Kobuk Farshore    The Fly-By-Night Eggs
43    LaPiscean Liberty    Snow Globe
44    Leigh Quartz    Flying Window of the Soul
45    Lilia Artis    Still the Piper's Old Tune
46    Lollito Larkham    Extract
47    London Junkers    Waiting for Theberge
48    London Junkers    Mourning Goya
49    Lovely Huntress    Replica Spartan Ship Gold / Silver / Bronze
50    Lucignolo [coddax]    slaves of the light
51    Lucignolo [coddax]    lost help
52    Luna Metamorphia    Pteradelphian
53    Luna Metamorphia    Will You Be Next?
54    Miso Susanowa    Big Winter
55    Misprint Thursday    Black Shirt
56    Moeuhane Sandalwood    Afternoon at Emerald 11
57    Moeuhane Sandalwood     Set Sail in the Morning
58    nexuno thespian    death dance
59    nexuno thespian    Come into my mind
60    Nima Benoir    Her Last Dance
61    Nino Vichan    Deus Ex Machina
62    Nish Mip    Within the waves
63    oona Eiren    Hop-Scotch
64    Pixels Sideways    You Amaze Me
65    Pol Baxton    The journey
66    Pol Baxton    The source of life
67    RAG Randt    Natural Act
68    RazorZ    The Fall of Fall
69    RazorZ  & Olga Soulstar    Judge this!
70    RazorZ  & Olga Soulstar    The Wild Wild World of Illusion
71    Rebeca Bashly    Small piece of hell, The Suicide Forest infested by Harpias
72    Rebeca Bashly    Minotaur  & Centaurus from 7th circle of Hell
73    SaveMe Oh    David of SaveMe
74    Sea Mizin    Nesting Angels
75    Secret Rage    My World
76    Secret Rage    Used Pieces
77    Silene Christen    The revolt of the mannequins
78    Simotron Aquila    I circle round for a better view
79    Simotron Aquila    Aero 1
80    Soda Lemondrop    Minkowski Space
81    Solkide Auer    Omnibus
82    soror Nishi    The Pumpom Trees
83    Spiral Silverstar    drawn to the dream
84    Spiral Silverstar    spirit journey
85    spirit Radikal    Many Moons
86    Thoth Jantzen    TooMuchCaffeine2
87    Thoth Jantzen     The Quantum Encabulator
88    Toughlove Sabra    Salvation or..................
89    Typote Beck    Fill the Mountain
90    tyu Shan    Obje- Max
91    Ush Underwood    Popeye the Sailor's Heritage
92    vasiliki Decosta    NiGhtShaDes
93    Vixen Quandry    Invisible Prison - 1 & 2
94    Vixen Quandry    One Life's Line
95    Winter Ravenheart    Water Lily
96    Wizard Gynoid    Morphometrix
97    Yabusaka Loon    Bloody Love
98    Yooma Mayo    Ancient Moon
99    Zeno Ochs (FredX)    My child 

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