Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Impressions of the work of Rebeca Bashly and jjcc Coronet about Inferno and jjcc's sky gallery

On opening night, I visited the LEA full sim sometime after 6pm SLT to see Rebeca Bashly's Inferno for the first time. Inspiration for Rebeca's sim is from Dante Aligheri's Divine Comedy.

I took the tour of Inferno, following the notecard you can get by clicking the Inferno sign at the main TP spot. To get to different circles you have to find Virgil and click on him to get there.

Virgil, in the forest.
The first place I teleported to was Limbo. The textures really portrayed that grimness and coldness. The figures on the lawn seemed lost as they gathered together to philosophize. You'll notice Homer there just in front of the steps. You need to get to the roof of the castle to find Virgil. Then you can get to Hurricane, the second ring called Lust. The land looked desolate and "barren" as Flora wrote in the notecard. I felt like the faces in the whirlpool were peering into my soul. The third ring, Gluttony, that made me think of a war-torn country. Dead bodies littered the ground. Every single body was swollen big and made me think of big, helpless babies who ate themselves until they died.

The fourth circle is Greed. All the figures were pushing a big heavy boulder, but the pushing never ends. It's an endless cycle. There is never an end to greed in this life or in hell, if we agree with Dante.

From there, I teleported to the River Styx. I was really looking forward to it. This is where the fifth circle, Anger, is. The figures are contorted in positions of pain and anger and they're covered in blood.  The figures here are in groups and tearing at each other's flesh, as if that will soothe their agony.

On to the sixth circle,  Heresy, in the City of Dis. At the door to the city you will see the three frightening-looking heads, Furies. It reminded me of Medusa. Once inside, you see many many fire pits. I'm sure you can imagine that in this place, many are burned in here if they are found to be heretics.

The seventh circle, Violence is more elaborate. You have warring Centurions, lurking Harpies, and a war of fire between God and Nature. I liked  the detail on the Centurions and Harpies.

Teleport to Malgbolge to get to the eighth circle, Fraud. I walked into a circle of men with their hands up as if they're denying anything you tell them. As I walked, I felt like I was walking at a level slightly above them. It kind of felt like walking on air. You'll see when you are on this ring.

And now, I reach the ninth and final circle of hell, Treachery. It's the darkest, coldest ring of hell. Take a walk around. Can you feel the coldness and see your breath come out like a mist in front of your face?  This is the frozen river of Cocytus.

As is my habit, I sent out a notecard with questions to the artist. I asked Rebeca what inspired her to depict The Inferno. She said:

It's  really simple, I was breaking my head trying to write  artist statement for my ice gallery and i thought maybe i could solve it if i just put a poem or something from literature as description, but nothing came to my mind.Only thing that came to my mind is frozen river of Cocitys.It was useless  for what i neded but it  attracted me to make it so i did, after that ...why not make all? so i had that thought for a day or so and than a friend of mine,Igor Ballyhoo,when he saw 9th circle asked if i was going for the  whole thing and i just said yes.So thats it:)

I also asked her if she used mesh or sculpties. She said:

I don’t use mesh still but i will. I create models and sculpt them in 3d software than upload them here. I create everything by my self, sculpts, textures.

jjcc Coronet's UWA Sky Sim Gallery

jjcc Coronet relaxing on the first level of his gallery

What is your sky gallery about? do you consider yourself spiritual or religious?
I built a gallery already it has some of the art ive made in sl and rl , Im a jedi if that is religous, i believe in god but i dont believe in religion because every single one was made up by men and not god

What inspired you to build it?

i was asked to build it, I love art , I like some of my art and the chance to display it for a short time seemed like the right thing to do for now.

Is  it mesh, sculpted, or prim sculpture?

Do you have work at other sims or a gallery?
i use to own 3 sims in sl but got board and gave it up but this expo has got me itching to start off again

What kinds of things do you build?
ill build anything. i like complex fluid abstract.

What do you use to build with?

The work by jjcc Coronet was truly imaginative and I liked that I got to meet him on the day I visited and shot the pictures.

Please come and see both sims! Excellent job by Rebeca Bashley and jjcc Coronet!

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