Tuesday, October 11, 2011

MachinimUWA IV: Sophia Trefusis 'Isolophobia'


"Isolophobia", is Sophia Trefusis work featuring Cherry Manga's 'Aerie', that tells a story of love and isolation. This work is now part of MachinimUWA IV: Art of the Artists, which unites the powerhouses of virtual worlds, Artists and Machinimatographers!

Entries to the L$300,000 MachinimUWA IV close on the 10th of November and looks for the creation of machinima featuring artworks that are part of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge.

In Sophia's words, "The tale of a woman left alone while her lover is away is forced to confront her fears of being lonely and the fact that she might be going insane. Her lover returns finally... but things between the couple isn't what it was."

According to http://www.isolophobia.com/, Isolophobia is "...the term used to refer to the paralyzing fear of being alone. A person may be prone to the development of this phobia if there has been some traumatic past experience involving some type of loss of significant relationships such as parents or other close family members. The sense of loss experienced can cause a person to fear being left alone and the and the anxiety aroused by the fear can escalate to becoming a true phobia. Such a person is likely to fear not only being alone in the home, but also going out where they may need to form a relationship with someone who might also leave them feeling abandoned and alone"

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