Monday, October 31, 2011

MachinimUWA IV: Scooby Mode's 'Art is Dead'


'Art is Dead', by Scooby Mode features numerous artworks that have been submitted to the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge. This machinima is now part of MachinimUWA IV: Art of the Artists, which unites the powerhouses of virtual worlds, Artists and Machinimatographers!

Entries to the L$300,000 MachinimUWA IV close on the 10th of November and looks for the creation of machinima featuring artworks that are part of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge.

Artworks featured include:
The Crossing created by Nish Mip
Swallowed up by the Crowd created by Fuschia Nightfire
The Dock Spirit created by Scottius Polke
Theatre of War created by Miso Susanowa
IL PLEUT SUR MON COEUR COMME IL PLEUT SUR LA VILLE ("It's raining in my heart, as it's raining in the town") by Cherry Manga
LOST HELP by Lucignolo [coddax]
PARANORMAL FROTTAGE by Misprint Thursday
In Scooby's words, "Special thanks to Ivica Atlanta for sponsoring me with the Sleepy Hollow Horse that can be bought at this link along with a Sleepy Hollow avatar!

Onto the story.... This is about Two avatars who visit the Real Life realm with the help of a magical staff. The female seems to be happy, and the male don't seem to be enjoying his time there.
While on the other side, in the real life world.... A boy is controlling the avatars, as they are part of his movie script. So therefore one can assume that both avatars have a meaningless existance.
Going back to the avatars, she questions what he considers to be art, and metaphorically a "King" represents what art is to him because a King is passionate, loveable, hateable. A king has control, and see's a world different from his people. A king is all thats good and all thats bad. Tho art is pleasant... It can be destroyed. The young male avatar considers SL to be art, and doesn't like the idea of avatars merging into real life worlds because the real life world should stay to its own kind, and every avatar on the grid should create beautiful artwork that is exclusive to their homes of Second Life, one example "University of Western Australia"

After the metaphor phase, which is a sub story within another story which is a story or should I say movie for a real life person. So 2 stories take place inside one guys mind who is making a movie.

Be sure to watch all of the video, even the bloopers.

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