Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Please vote for your top 10 for UWA's 3d Open Art Challenge Finalists!

Hey all! I just got done voting . Call me crazy, but I looked at every single one of them on the notecard FreeWee and Jayjay are handing out tonight. There are 59 3d Open Art Finalist pieces and 24 Non-scripted pieces. I'm fairly certain I saw them all! :-)

Details and Links Here

I'm a little tired but very proud of myself. I love art and all the works I saw tonight were very well rendered. I was biting my nails and tapping my forehead  trying to decide which ones to put in my top 10. It was hardest for  the Open Art category, the one with 59 pieces! The Non-scripted was slightly easier, but I've probably said this before....I like them all! And I'm not just saying that!

The artists in SL are truly amazing. I've had the great pleasure of talking to some of you and seeing your galleries and I really enjoy it. It brightens my SL experience. I really want to thank you for that. Since joining SL, I have always been a great admirer of the art in SL. It is so very remarkable.

I urge you all to vote!

You'll see art from Cherry Manga, Miso Susanowa, Soror Nishi, Nish Mip, Dusty Canning, Wizard Gynnoid, RazorZ, Josiane Sorciere, Aristide Despres, RazorZ, Haveit Neox, and many more!

Let's all come vote and show our support for these fabulous artists and persons in SL! Most of all, thanks Jayjay, FreeWee, and quadrop for making all of this possible and so organized. It is terrific what they do.

And don't forget to catch some of Tyrehl Byk's performances! This man is amazing....his shows are like nothing you've ever seen. He blends color, light, and pictures in a masterful way. You have to see it!

A scene for Tyrehl's Particle Phantasmagoria
Take care all! And to those in the United States (like me), Happy Thanksgiving!

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