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The LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES, and 'little brother' UWA SKY SIM ART SERIES, round out in November with RazorZ's Forest 'The Walkthrough', which lines up alongside the works of Tyrehl Byk & quadrapop Lane at LEA 6. THIS EXHIBIT IS OPEN NOW THROUGH THE END OF NOVEMBER! CLICK HERE TO BE TAKEN TO START LOCATION

RazorZ's Forest Landing Point
Hidden Cottage

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This forest of fractals in the Sky is an abstract & obscure experiment of a mix of real life & digital & virtual shapes, textures & form.   An continuation of my previous 2-3 fractal jungle's & forest's in a box.   Only this time,  it is Sim Wide!  Put together with real life structure, the organic shapes reaching for the sun & sky, the berries falling from the trees with gravity, maybe the only things to keep your bearings by here!  Even though the growing life here is rooted to the ground, it is like nothing you seen before!.

Using various textures from natural real life plants & organic life & matter, I have mixed them up onto abstract forms of growing plant & tree like sculpture's.   As you may notice, at the start there is a canopy, which is enclosing, blocking the view of the Sky, then below all different sizes of growth & vegetation.  Borrowing real life structure's, I show how abstract shapes & forms can create a similar atmosphere in a virtual world.

The yellow brick path is layed out as a guide to walk you around.  It is designed for walking in 'Mouselook' to truly give the most immersed experience.  At the start is very abstract but following the path around everything is set out to gradually blend to real life.  At the end of the path is a beautiful old style cottage all made to real life scale & textures which is where all becomes less abstract & totally normal inside.

Until,  you click on the rug in the middle of the floor!

What it all questions is how in a virtual world the environments are not under the same building & growing constraints as in the real world, and with abstract forms following real life rules we can still create a similar environment which makes the viewer feel the similar in both worlds.  And maybe how all that we see, create & experience is linked in our own dream worlds & the collective unconscious.

Unique fractal textures & abstract sculpties & everything we got, Olga Soulstar & I built a magical & psychedelic digital jungle.  Making the connection between nature, rl & sl, fractals and how they appear in real life nature!  Its filled with beautiful particles, dances & poses & relaxing areas.  Perhaps some strange & obscure growths too.  Come and see it for yourself...   Only until the 30th November, 2011.

Razorz & Olga


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