Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tyrehl Byk and Cypress Rosewood's Performance at the LEA full sim!

Saturday, November 26th at 7pm SLT, Tyrehl Byk presented his one-time only particle effect performance. Live music was played by Cypress Rosewood, the best SL artist for Ambient music.

The particles were simply amazing. I loved how the effects would go behind Cypress and all around the theatre. You, the audience, felt like you were surrounded by the vivid, lushness of it all. It was definitely a grand spectacle!

Cypress's playing was just serene and well-matched to the mastery of particles from Tyrehl. The camera views at this show were strikingly different and quite fascinating. Your view was aimed around the theater area, unlike during Catharsis and Particle Phantasmagoria.

Cypress Rosewood
 This I think is one of the best effects of the night.

You can feel the intensity. All  the colors are vivid as they are startlingly bright and numerous. This was near the end of the performance. Just like in any symphony, the music builds to its climax and this I think was the climatic period of the night's performance.

This show was absolutely phenomenal, the crowning finale to end the November LEA full sim series! Tyrehl outdid himself and has exceeded expectations. Maestro, bravo...a thousand times bravo! Cypress's music was moving and so poignant. Thanks so much, Cypress! Bravo to you, Cypress!

Most of all, thank you to everyone at UWA and LEA for making all this possible!

So enjoy the art and have fun with whatever you do! =^.^=

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