Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The First Barcelona Presentation

What the live audience in Barcelona saw
Jay Jay Jegathesan (SL: Jayjay Zifanwe) and Professor Sarah Higley (University of Rochester, NY) presented a workshop in Barcelona this the International Conference on Interdiscplinary Social Sciences. The presentation  titled "In Three Dimensions: Art, Machinima, and the Virtual Community\", was meant to demonstrate how two communities in a virtual world work together--artists and machinimatographers--to make artistic creations cross the barriers between second and first life. They showed 5 machinima based on 3D virtual artwork and talked about the collaborative community of artists and machinimatographers in Second Life. At the  UWA in Second Life SIM, we had live participants to answer questions from the conference audience, including Hypatia Pickens, FreeWee Ling, Laslopantomik Yao, Bryn Oh, L1aura Loire, Fuschia Nightfire, Rowan Derryth, and Tutsy Navarathna.

The live audience were enthralled and had lots to say, and while almost all of them had heard of Second Life previously, none of them had experienced it as they did during the presentation.

The group visited Nish Mip's 'Umbrellas', Grand Finale winner of the inaugural UWA 3D art challenge to show the audience an immersive 3D artwork.

The previous day, Barcelona's own Laslopantomik Yao had shown off some of the wonderful hospitality of Spain. Jay Jay commented, 'Laslo is the first person I have met from outside of Australia that I originally knew through Second Life'.

The Machinima that were shown included:
L1aura Loire's: 'Transformation: Virtual Art on the Brink'
Laslopantomik Yao's  'The Beginning of Knowledge and of Sorrow'
Bryn Oh's 'Rusted Gears'
Tutsy Navarathna's 'No Colour'
Fuschia Nightfire's 'Art of the Artists' with soundtrack by Colemarie Soleil

Prof Sarah Higley & Jay Jay after the presentation

Laslopantomik Yao with Jay Jay

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