Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nobel Prize Winner Professor Barry Marshall on Second Life

Professor Barry Marshall with an image from Soda Lemondrop's Film

On the 21st of June, Nobel Prize winner, Professor Barry Marshall attended a presentation of the UWA journey with virtual technologies starting with the UWA Virtual Universe Project, followed by UWA's success in the Google Earth Build your Campus in 3D Challenge and the current sojourn in Second Life.

Today's presentation was triggered by a short film entitled 'Seek Wisdom' submitted by Soda Lemondrop of Monterey California to the ongoing UWA short animated film challenge, MachinimUWA V, which asks that film be created with the theme of 'Seek Wisdom' and the rule that each film must feature at least one of the 100 Treasures from UWA. This film which is less than 4 and a half minutes in length traces important stages in the life of Professor Marshall leading to him being awarded the Nobel Prize.

Commenting after the presentation, Barry said, "It is nice to be immortalized on Second Life. It would be useful to create a stomach environment as seen by an H.Pylori! There is a poster of this at the Nobel Prize website."


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