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V. Lenoirre's Review of the UWA Centenary Submissions

Hi all you art afficionados and follows of UWA! I hope you are all well. There have been some great submissions to the UWA Centenary Challenge lately, we hope to see many more! Thank you!

I got a chance to interview some of the artists who submitted their work so far. My first interview was with Ub Yifu, owner and creator of The Sky Sculptures Gallery. He builds detailed sculpt statues for various grids including Inworldz and Avination. In Inworldz, he has a whole Gulliver sim installation. He does have Gulliver at his SL Gallery though, you should see it. He's an awesome artist. So here's my interview with him:

--- Hi dear and thx for your interest here are my answers :

Ub Yifu's "A Star is Born"

You call it "A star is born", why?

--- I always have been a fan of space and that statue is a tribute to egyptian/greek/roman gods. That godess (you name it)  is responsible for creating planets and stars.

Is it in honor of the London Olympics, in part?

--- Not really but anybody will see a different thing depending on his culture and mind ;)

What does the UWA Centenary mean to you?

--- That means a lot since UWA is the biggest art event in SL and maybe the last one....

Why did you choose purples and blues?

--- After my last creations which were quite dark I wanted to do something more optimistic and sensual using these colors helped me to reach that goal i hope

Why is a flame under her feet?

--- In fact she s rising from a pyramid which in egyptian belief is the main power to reach the stars

Is the figure mesh or sculpted?

--- sculpties made 1 by 1 by myself ;) I have a doubt about creating meshes since anybody can import a pre made model in 2 minutes without having any skill.

I love how the water seems so reflective and it's moving.

--- Thx to the guy who created that great script yes ! Brice Bonetto

I think it's a brilliant, splendid creation by Ub Yifu. I encourage you to visit his gallery now and then. He's always adding and changing things there. He's great at creating the ambience in every creation he builds. Well done, Ub and thank you!

Up next is PRAVDA dark couture by pravda Core. Pravda was the first to submit to the UWA 3d Centenary Challenge! Bravo! The structure is partially underground. You just walk down the stone steps to see the Chinese terracotta warriors along with their horses. It looks like they are armed and ready for battle!

 Inside pravda Core's PRAVDA dark couture

Why did you choose to submit your  Chinese Terracotta warriors? I love the detail and the texturing on them. They look so realistic and very genuine.
pravda: When i made the original tomb (large scale version ) of the terracotta warriors in my sim, which can be seen here :

 Jayjay asked me if i wanted to join UWA again, and since It has been almost a year I have not submitted any entry, I have decided to make one, considering the prim limit, the one displayed in UWA is the smaller version.

Did you travel to Beijing and actually see them up close?
pravda: No.  I just had a research about it and made a replica in SL.

What do the warriors symbolize to you?
pravda: Achievement.

Are they sculpts or mesh?
pravda:The are all completely made out of sculpts & primitive.

Did you make the textures?
pravda: Yes.  They are all original hand made textures.

Why is  this build partially underground?
pravda: In the spring of 1974, farmers digging a well in the eastern suburbs of Xi'an, Shaanxi province China, were startled to discover an intact terracotta head. From there acheologists began to unearth an astonishing scene — a cavernous vault containing an entire army of warriors meant to guard the Emperor Qin Shi Huang as he made his journey into the afterlife. That is why i made the Original build entirely underground, and the modified version that is displayed in UWA is a partial peice of the original work hence explaining why the build is partially underground.

Up next is Tribute to Salvador Dali 2 by Silene Christen.

Silene Christen's Tribute to Salvador Dali 2

It's a work dedicated to the great Surrealist, Barcelonian painter, Salvador Dali. In the center of this exhibit you can see his face, the man with the thick beard and dark eyes. For a small work of art, it looks very intricate and interesting. Below is my interview. I wrote it in Spanish and Silene was nice enough to reply in English.

Hola Silene, soy Victoria Lenoirre, I blog for Jayjay y UWA blog. Yo quise preguntarte sobre tu obra para  La UWA Centenary Challenge ( I wanted to ask you about your masterpiece for the UWA Centenary Challenge)..

Quien es Salvador Dali?

 Salvador Dalí is one of the most ikmportant surrealist artist in all world. He was born in Barcelona and was about PIcasso time.

Por que hiciste una obra para esta competicion sobre Salvador Dali? (Why did you make a masterpiece for this competition about Salvador Dali?)

When i made my work, in spain there was processions time. We make a tribute to last days from Jesus Christ in world, with processions in which people accompany images that reflected moments of last days (christ in crux, for example) Those images are from Barroco time in spain. Dalí made an image from Christ very curius, as is seeing from above, not directly the face as usually appears in other painters works.

A ti, que significa Centenary? (What does Centenary mean to you?)

IN processions is very common on saint friday to see Christ in the crux, so i made what here we called one TRONO (the images are above a construction that people carry over the shoulders, whith weight over 3 tons).[4:08]  Silene Christen: This one of mine is inspirated in Dalí work, and also in a National Geographic report that showed the reconstruction by forensic people of Christ's face.

Que simboliza los fuegos en tu obra? (What do the fires symbolize in your masterpiece?)

Ah, fire is a tribute to the TRONOS, as in Spain cover them with candles and flowers. The most impressive Christ in crux is only woth candles, giving an intimate atmosphere to the procession

Thanks for answering my questions, Silene! I'm sure Dali would love the tribute.

Grand is a great adjective to describe the UWA Centenary Challenge. This next masterpiece is just that, It is Giant Inrush by Yabusaka Loon.

Giant Inrush by Yabusaka Loon

VL: Hi Yabusaka, I blog for UWA blog. I like your giant statue. Is it mesh? What kind of mesh?

YL: Yes its a statue made of 100% mesh.
The package I'm selling at my main store contains the same statue displaying at UWA and wearable mesh avatar of 3 different heights.

VL: Why did you submit this giant for the UWA Centenary Challenge?

YL: I was making making that giant just for wearable mesh avatar but Jayjay invited me for the challenge and I thought it will work for that too.

This imposing statue made me stop in my tracks and really look. His facial expression caught my attention first and then I noticed his stance. Please, come see it!

Fantasy...reality....SL can be either one or both to us. This next body of  work is Imagination by Barry Richez.
Imagination by Barry Richez

I got a chance to meet Barry Richez and he was helpful and friendly. He is an artist from Toulouse, France. In real life, he creates digital art. His work is just incredible.

On evening I got to meet him at the UWA gallery area. He said:

The image of the sea that you see at the bottom is a digital painting done in real life. When I came on SL, I wanted to find a way to mix my RL work with that of second life. The images of women and children are photos taken on SL. The idea is that there is a small barrier between reality and the metaverse, and that a creature has managed to get through this barrier and it is expanded over a range of the metaverse.

Her (the woman in the image) is water because water is the source of all life.

Below I have posted the poem that you see on the right side of the box.

 Beautiful star traveler, host that we arrive
  Depths of the sky and was not expected,
  Where are you going? What we plan to shoot your footsteps?
  You who vogues in off the sea without shores,
  On your way, as far as your eyes met,
  Have you seen that here as pain and misery?
  In these worlds scattered, say! do we have any brothers?
  Did they charge us for their salvation far?

  Ah! when you come back, maybe the earth
  The man is gone. The bottom of this stay
  If his eye does not contemplate your return,
  If this globe exhausted died lonely,
  In infinite space pursuing your path,
  At least throw in passing, wandering star and fast,
  A look of pity on the empty theater
  Suffered so many evils and human labor.

  [To the Comet of 1861]
  Poems by Louise Ackermann

  Quotes Louise Ackermann
  Books by Louise Ackermann

And that's a quick glance at the UWA Centenary 3d Challenge. Keep the submissions coming! You have until June 30th to send in your masterpieces!

Have fun and enjoy the art!

V. Lenoirre

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