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Victoria Lenoirre's Review of DB Bailey's In A Tizzy

June, my favorite month of the year! I had a birthday and yes, it was fine! Thank you to everyone at UWA in SL and artists in the art world who have been kind to me and put up with my questions (some of them might have been silly or difficult to answer, but thanks for understanding my curiosity :) ). I've even made some good friends in the art world, friends that I know I can always chat with about anything art or whatever. Thank you, grazie, gracias, merci, danke, xie xie....from the bottom of my heart for doing what you do best.....creating amazing work in SL! You are the best!

This month at LEA6 is DB Bailey's In A Tizzy. The entire gallery was dedicated to Bettina Tizzy, creator of NPIRL, Not Possible in Real Life.

It is truly a magnificent architectural work. DB Bailey, David Denton in RL, is an architect. You can see how he incorporates different building styles throughout his Full Sim body of work. His website is here.

Above is my favorite part of his work. I wanted to zoom out and capture a large portion of it. If I had zoomed in, you would be able to see a fountain in the center of the room. The design is marvellous and original, in my opinion. The colors are great too. Further back, those spires remind me of Gaudi's Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

What is NPIRL?

DB: NPIRL stands for “Not Possible in Real Life.” It was organized by Bettina to encourage designers to not simply replicate the real world in SL, but to explore the potential of SL to create whole new realities.

When did you meett Bettina Tizzy?

DB: I first met Bettina about five years ago, when I first started working with SL. After numerous conversations in SL, it came to light that in fact we lived a couple of blocks from each other in RL. 

We had dinner several times in California before she moved to Austin. 

Did you use mesh?

No mesh was used in this installation

In A Tizzy is based on this recurring dream you have. From your description at blog it seems that you don't believe dreams have any meaning. So you would disagree with those who think that dreams are trying to tell us something about life? One way to look at your dream is that life is a series of events that don't seem to be connected in any way and we don't know where they will lead us, but we find ourself compelled to explore and follow the path before us.

Or perhaps the dream is a message to not try to figure out life, but just enjoy the ride and just let ourselves feel and just "be here now", as Ram Dass said.Just to clarify, I was not stating my own belief about dreams, but noting that some scientists now believe that they have no particular meaning. I guess I would agree with Ram Dass, it’s better just to enjoy the ride.

DB: Just to clarify, I was not stating my own belief about dreams, but noting that some scientists now believe that they have no particular meaning. I guess I would agree with Ram Dass, it’s better just to enjoy the ride.

At your website, it says you collaborated with someone for a SL building project? When did that begin? Do you have an LM for that?

DB: Yes, I did collaborate with an architect in SL to design a project in RL. The project was located in Cairo, Egypt and the collaboration was with an Egyptian architect. If you Google “David Denton Architect” you will find numerous articles on this collaboration. 

I noticed some of the textures in your LEA build came right from your website.

Some of the textures might look familiar, because I frequently photograph installations using textures and then use those photographs as new textures in other builds. Thus the history of the projects is sometimes embedded into the textures themselves and look familiar.

Did I see lightning bolts throughout the sim? That's interesting. Were those part of your dream?

DB: The lightning bolts that you saw are now gone. I am constantly changing things and those lightning bolts were giving me a headache. 

Going here each time feels like a familiar yet new experience. I noticed that he changes the textures of the walls at the landing area. One can't help but marvel at the structures. The colors are so vibrant, shiny, and vivid. It is definitely an experience not to be missed!

So please come see In A Tizzy here at LEA6!

As always, have fun and enjoy the art!

Victoria Lenoirre

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