Friday, October 24, 2014

Transcending Borders: 10. Eliza, NaTaS, Sniper, Elettra, Eliza, Asperix, Luko, Lalie

UWA 3D Art & Machinima Challenge: Transcending Borders, just keeps getting better and better. We now have 36 entries and counting. Deadline is approaching soon! Get your entry in by October 31.

We have a bunch of new entries in by artists who are new to UWA shows as well as some old friends we haven't seen in a long time.

Eliza Cabassoun has made a lovely abstract prim sculpture that is elegant in its simplicity. It was created live during a concert last year by Prowess Rayna. An interesting example of collaboration and improvisation.

NaTaS Janus gives us a set of dioramas suggestive of comic panels that tell a brief visual narrative about a mundane unfortunate event with a happy, but surreal ending (sorta...).

Sniper Siemens is inspired by the movie "Transcendence" to show how the boundaries between virtual and real can be blurred.

Elettra Beardmore shows a sort of cosmic display of images illustrating the stages of existence.

Eliza Quinzet-Leijon's entry is an abstract form surrounded by slowly rotating pinwheel stars. It is inspired by a verse by Walt Whitman's "A Clear Midnight."

Asperix Asp has created a large obelisk titled "Infinite Landmark." It used subtly shifting amorphous textures suggesting water in a hall of mirrors, infinitely reflecting within a finite space.

Luko Enoch gives us a figure in a state of creative ecstasy. About this Luko says, "When in creative flux I always tend to drift into an unexplainable moment where thought and imagination dance with each other."

Lalie Sorbet  is a French photographer living in India. Lalie's piece is a rl photo of a dewdrop on a branch. She has interposed her virtual dancing avatar on it in a kind of triptych with translucent motion echoing behind.

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