Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Transcending Borders: 9. Pale, Jipe, JointVenture, Ama

UWA 3D Art & Machinima Challenge: Transcending Borders, just keeps getting better and better. We now have 28 entries with lots of space left for yours! Entries are being accepted until October 31.

Pale Illusion always gives us something thoughtful, dramatic, and/or fun.  Her entry "The Paper Empire" is a commentary about the artificial barriers people erect in order to control others. It is a model in corrugated cardboard of the barrier wall between Israel and Gaza. There are figures on ladders on each side of the wall and they are kissing through the barbed wire at the top. The woman is in an Arabic head scarf and the man has a Hasidic hat and sidelocks. There is a graffito on the wall that says "Love knows no borders."

Jipe Loon gave us a startling object in last year's Reflections show, with meticulous mesh figures in a surreal kaleidoscope. This time he  presents a more programmatic piece in a similar spirit that is that is at least as provocative. The artist offers a number or stories and interpretations for his fantastic construction.

JointVenture Resident gave us a couple of mesh skeletal pieces for last year's "What Makes Us Human?" anatomy/physiology model challenge. His entry for Transcending Borders is a sensitive and moving scene showing a young man placing an apple in the alms bowl of a desperate homeless person on the street. He has made a speed-painting (time-lapse) video showing his process for texturing the piece.
Ama Avro's entry "Utopia" is an energetic scene with birds pulling at a giant web around the earth. Ama says this is about communication:
Virtual Communication
Who pulls the web?
At the beginning .... no
Once upon a time .... no
Utopia ..... no, not even
Utopia .....  I dream of you

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