Thursday, October 9, 2014

Transcending Borders: 8. Shenn, Peli, kjs, Charles

We continue to have a steady flow of new entries for UWA 3D Art & Machinima Challenge: Transcending Borders, with a total so far to 24. Entries are being accepted until October 31.

Anyone who saw Shenn Coleman's 200 meter "Neuron Sphere" last year knows that he likes to work in big scale. His new entry for Transcending Borders (we are still waiting for a title) is no exception: A 150 meter cube with 6 areas of focus traversed by way of TP doors. It's a phenomenal experience and astounding that he was able to do it in under 150 land impact.

Peli Dieterle presents "Zoom in/Zoom out," a juxtaposition of macro and micro, with a giant microscope orbited by planets and a tiny space shuttle. There is quite a lot more to this piece than meets the eye. Be sure to read the accompanying notecard.

kjs Yip has given us an enormous box titled "Following Oskar," a reference and homage to the Bauhaus artist Oskar Schlemmer.

Charles Hera gave us some interesting minimalist entries in the 2012 Artists' Choice series. His "Maelstrom" for the WATER theme show was one of my favorites. For Transcending Borders, Charles has given us "Adaption - Relationships," an elegant abstract form that seems to be an apple and its shadow, or perhaps a pair of lovers in embrace.

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