Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Trascending Borders: 7. Slatan, Swann, Myhns, Wizard

We continue to have a steady flow of new entries for UWA 3D Art & Machinima Challenge: Transcending Borders. Entries are being accepted until October 31.

Slatan Dryke gives us "Quantum Shift: A journey into Perpetual Motion and Organized Chaos." It expresses the mystery of how chemical and electrical brain processes become .... us.

A few years ago Swann Jie started the "HuaKui Cube Wall" for the "Adopt a cube" project from the Virtual World to the Real World. The project allowed people to purchase a physical block with images on it and a QR code to a website of your choosing. The blocks would be assembled into a real world wall or house. Swann is showing a wall segment in this show.

Myhns Mayo presents a dramatic cyan colored expressionist bullfight scene titled "Fix TIme and Dissolve The Space."

Wizard Gynoid gives us "The 5 Elements," another of her wonderful geometric constructions.

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