Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Transcending Borders: 11. Secret, VilleH, Pol, Giovanna, Giorgio, Soror, Talia, Haveit, Johnny, Roc

As usual, entries for our 3D art challenges start pouring in as the deadline approaches. The UWA 3D Art & Machinima Challenge: Transcending Borders is shaping up to be one of our best shows ever. So many old friends and new, all showing how engaging work in SL can really be. We're up to 46 entries in the gallery, with several more we know are coming and probably a lot more we don't know about. Deadline is approaching soon! Get your entry in by the end of Friday 31 October.

It wouldn't be a UWA open art challenge without an entry by Secret Rage. Secret has become one of the busiest people I know in SL. Her entry this time is a simple, but elegant portal in a sort of Deco style.

Italy is well represented in the Borders show. We have three more Italians now (VilleH, Giorgio Nexen, and our good friend Giovanna Cerise), for a total of six so far. 
VilleH has given us an immersive chaotic space with the appropriate titled "Turbulent Kinetic Suggestions."

Among our veterans is a Pol Jarvinen, with a nervous little set of boxes that shift according to some logic of their own.

Anyone who has seen Giovanna Cerise's recent work at LEA and elsewhere may recognize her wonderfully expressive digital figures. Here they are in a tango of desire with the certain knowledge that the dance, as life, must soon end. A melancholy emotion the Brazilians call "Saudade."

Giorgio Nexen gives us a fun pair of Cubist talking heads. They do in fact talk with artificial intelligence scripting that is sometimes more artificial than others, but with surprising moments of humor.

Another friend who we rarely see anymore except for our competitions is Soror Nishi. Soror works with organic forms, especially trees and plants. Her variation this round is not so tree-like as her past entries, but it's quite intriguing with its monumental scale and deep materials textures on the roots.

Talia Sunsong has become a regular at UWA and her entries show more and more complexity and skill each round. This entry has a half dozen eerie figures that turn away from you as you pass by, but are watching you behind your back.

Haveit Neox presents an intriguing, lofty piece that's about language and symbols and an invented hieroglyphic code.

Johnny Lane's entry is about the different dimensions of experience we have in rl/SL.

Roc Furse gives us an Escher-esque satire about the pressures we all feel.

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