Friday, December 23, 2011

A Book On International Education Includes Second Life Photos

A book released on the 22nd of Nov 2011 by Senator Chris Evans, Australian Minister for Tertiary Education entitled 'Making A Difference: Australian Tertiary Education', carries 2 images from Second Life, taken by UWA's Jay Jay Jegathesan (Jayjay Zifanwe).

Galea Yates with Winthrop Clock Tower

This book on the history and development of international education in Australia, edited by Bruce Mackintosh & Dorothy Davis shows an image depicting the avatar of Galea Yates (USA), in the iconic photo that saw the launch of the first of the UWA Machinima challenges. This image leads Chapter 12 (written by Bob Goddard) of the book, entitled 'Future Perspectives: Horizon 2025'.

Renee Michel, Angharad Catteneo & Jay Jay Jegathesan @ Winthrop Clock Tower

The 2nd image on page 411, also features UWA's Winthrop Clock Tower, this time with the avatars of Renée Michel of Sacramento, California, Angharad Catteneo of Gower, Wales, and Jay Jay Jegathesan of Perth, Australia.

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* Pages reproduced here with permission from Bruce Mackintosh