Monday, December 19, 2011

UWA Artists’ Choice: 3D Self Portraits

UWA Artists Choice

Following the extraordinary success of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenges, curator FreeWee Ling is now running a scaled-back series of theme challenges in the UWA gallery. “The unprecedented creative energy that was focused on the UWA challenges has been an inspiration to many artists. As long as UWA is willing to support the gallery infrastructure, I feel a responsibility to continue serving the artists of SL and their work,” says FreeWee.

At the 3D Open Grand Finale, FreeWee announced the continuation of art at UWA with a series of theme shows to be called the UWA 3D Artists’ Choice Challenge, beginning with a challenge for January on the topic: “3D Self Portraits.” As always, anyone is encouraged to submit entries. For the theme shows the prim limit is doubled to 210 (300 PE for meshes). Deadline for entries is January 3. Complete details are available on the UWA website.

Torso by FreeWeeImportant differences between these shows and what we have become accustomed to at UWA include changes in judging and prizes. These challenges will be more cooperative. Cash awards will be relatively trivial, but it’s hoped that the new judging process will come with greater prestige and honor, as the participating artists themselves will chose the winners.

COMMODITY by Miso SusanowaRegarding the theme for the first challenge, 3D Self Portraits, FreeWee says, “Much of my own work in SL has been about identity and how we so fundamentally create a new persona in virtual worlds. The decisions we make and the art we create are all projections of some aspect, whether hidden or overt, of our real life personalities. I thought it would be interesting to ask artists to turn the mirror on themselves and show us in a more direct way how they perceive themselves (or want us to perceive them, which also says something). Many artists are accustomed to using themselves as models in photographic work. But one does not often see a personal expression in a 3D work. I look forward to seeing who does literal representational art and who chooses to be more conceptual or abstract.”

Entries may be submitted at the UWA gallery. SLURL. All questions should be directed to FreeWee Ling.

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