Thursday, December 22, 2011

Victoria Lenoirre's Look at LunaMetamorphia's Endangered Species Zoo of Metamorphia

Entrace to the Zoo

Come check out Luna Metamorphia's "Endangered Species Zoo of Metamorphia". You only have a few more days left to see it! It is mesh, so you will need to be logged in a viewer that is mesh-compatible.

The way into the maze is  the mouth of the tiger. I love how Luna built the habitats. They looks realistic and comfortable. I took a picture of the maned wolf.

The Maned Wolf

At the landing point you should find a bluish purple teleporter. Click to get a menu of target locations. The locations are: Douc Langur, Cafe, Quetzal, Marine Tank, Geo Tortoise, Fountain, Golden Toad, Maned Wolf, Balkan Lynx, Karner, and Numbat. You'll find a teleporter near every exhibit as well.

It's a lovely, fun place to visit with your friends and just all by yourself. I liked  the maze concept. I'd love to build one myself. :-)

The textures and the design was well done. The use of color was brilliant and natural-looking.

I recently sent some questions to Luna Metamorphia and below is our exchange:

VL: What did you use to build this installation?
LM: The installation is a bit of a collage.  The animals and their enclosures (as well as the tiger head, and a few other items such as the benches) are meshes that I built.  The other items within the enclosures are the creations of other Second Life residents.  This was not my original intent, but I did not allow enough time to create everything myself.  The programs I used for my original work are Maya and Photoshop.

VL: Why did you choose a tiger's mouth as the entrance?
LM: For some reason, I like the concept of walking through a mouth shaped cave (I think it's the implied danger and mystery of it).  This is the third time that I've used the concept.  It is, however, the first time I have chosen a tiger.  The other times I used a jaguar and a dragon.  This is the first time I've used a more detailed texture on the entrance (the others were granite and steel, respectively).

VL: Why is it a maze?
LM: I chose the maze because I wanted to offer fun, along with the learning experience that the zoo has to offer.  I added the multiporters for those who did not want to participate in the maze.

VL: Do you create your own textures?
LM: The textures on the mesh objects that I created, are my own.  With the exception of the ground and the hedges, all non-mesh objects of my creation also have my own textures.

VL: What is your favorite animal?
LM: I don't really have a favorite right now. I admire the qualities each animal has to offer (although I have trouble with things such as mosquitos, ticks, black widows, and scorpions).  I love cats and my pug.  In the past I have felt akin to hawks and butterflies.  The fantasy creatures I like best are unicorns and dragons, and these show up alot in my work.

VL: If you could be any animal, which would you be?
LM: Ideally, I would be a fantasy creature with the ability to shapeshift into other creatures.  If I must choose a specific animal, I choose the hawk.  I would love to experience flight, as they do.

Please come see LunaMetamorphia's Zoo! It is awesome!

Happy Christmas all and a wonderful New Year!


  1. I don't have a favorite animal (or color) either, for the same reason - many animals have their own inherent beauty and each color is fascinating. Although I wouldn't include insects in that. Some insects I really don't like.

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