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LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES (DEC): Haveit Neox's 'Second Libations'

THE LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES moves on to December, following two truly stunning months, with Rebeca Bashly in October and Tyrehl Byk with quadrapop Lane in November. The baton passes to Haveit Neox and 'Second Libations' which has already provided us a stunning preview! Luna Metamorphia's 'Interactive Zoo of Endangered Species' will showcase the associated UWA SKY SIM Series following on from RazorZ and jjccc Coronet.

The month long exhibit, Second Libations, comes to an EXPLOSIVE end on Saturday, Dec 31. If you haven't seen it yet, please hop on over for a last look before the collapse. 

There will be a dramatic end to Second Libations on New Year's Eve, Dec 31. As the year 2012 issues in, will it really be the end of the world? Come see for yourself. The show begins at 2 pm, SLT. (SL time is Pacific Standard Time). You may want to be there, and bring your camera :)

Reported Here (Temi Sirbu Blog)
Location for Destruction HERE

Normal Location: LEA6 - CLICK HERE

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In Haveit's Words:


The great cosmic storm swept up the last of Earth’s water molecules. On the lifeless planet, the only remaining intelligence flickers on computer screens. In the absence of human maintenance, bot scipters, bot artists, and bot teachers scramble to rescue their resources before the impending threat of blackout.

Like the sorcerer’s apprentice, they begin flooding their world by rezzing buckets of virtual water, in the hope of rehydrating their users. Their strategy needs assistance. Not having been programmed for an unforeseen event of this magnitude,  the bots plea for your solution in securing their virtual world.

The Second Libations await your offering. Will you be the one to rescue the world of the bots?




1. The Colossus

You arrive to Second Libations by way of the ‘real world’... an Earth become desert. Walking through the computer screen doorway of a pyramid, you enter the virtual world: a place where only bots have survived the desiccation. The interior ramps of the pyramid relate the story in floating short texts. Suddenly you fall through a phantom floor from the austere colorless pyramid,  to a welcoming stage saturated in rich hues. Bots line up to welcome you into their electronically generated culture.

As you pass down the stairwell, vending posters offer complementary temple garb to wear if you choose. Have you noticed that you have been walking and tumbling inside a colossus? From the pyramid in the sky to the seabed below, his charge is to deliver you to the Temple of the Bots.

With yet another drop to speed your journey, you find yourself at the bottom of the sea. Houses flooded in the virtual sea were once homes to users. Follow the arrows to the grand marble staircase. It leads you to shore.

2. The Temple of the Bots

Sea level brings you to the inner sanctum: the Temple of the Bots. Here, the bot scripters, bot artists, and bot teachers compose their ideas in an effort to preserve their internet existence. You face three doorways on entering the building. Each takes you via a short labyrinth to reach the main rooms. The signs over the doorways are clearly marked with pictures to show what lies beyond. The three rooms are:

a) Banquet of the Artists. An accumulation of artworks are arranged around the room. The map for the Banquet (included in the free vendors inside the colossus statue) gives more detailed information about the artworks. On the way to the Banquet, you will pass a very colorful installation which has a copy of one of my real life palettes as part of the composition.

b) Librarynth. After you negotiate the bookcase maze, you reach the study area of the teachers where a collection of texts by Second Life residents are displayed. The statements answer the question ‘how will the bots survive without human maintenance’. Do you have an idea to contribute? Please click on the cube in teacher's book and follow the instructions to submit your idea.

c) Scripters’ Web Tower. A mirrored floor captures the magic of the scripters. The bullet shaped dome, rising high into the sky is composed of spiders and their communal web... the very web that makes up the internet. Giant entropic inducing creatures feed upon the spiders, thereby threatening the virtual world’s network. Along the way to the tower, you will also pass the Frogs’ Stage with yet another proposition for bot survival, and the DaVinci cell, where bots attempt to script the Creation of Man to life.

Tour the rooms in any order you wish. Along the way, there are surprises to keep your labyrinth promenade varied.


On Dec 31 2011, the last day of Second Libations, there will be a dramatic end to the exhibit. If you like seeing big things come apart, this may be something you will want to catch. I will be posting the time for the event on the ACCalpha blog when I have the schedule set up. Please check by late December. See the address below.

Further information:

Updates about the exhibit will appear on the ACC Alpha blog at:

A film trailer about the exhibit is posted on YouTube at:

Welcome to Second Libations. As explained above, you may be a part of the exhibit by submitting a text for display.

Haveit Neox

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