Tuesday, December 6, 2011

UWA SKY SIM SERIES (DEC): Luna's "Endangered Species Zoo of Metamorphia"

The LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES, and 'little brother' UWA SKY SIM ART SERIES, is complete in December with LunaMetamorphia's "Endangered Species Zoo of Metamorphia". This will open from 6pm SLT on the 11th of December and lines up alongside the already critically acclaimed "Second Libations" by Haveit Neox.  



This interactive zoo of endangered species includes the Geometic Tortoise (Africa), Douc Langur (Asia), Numbat (Australia), Resplendent Quetzal (Central America), Balkan Lynx (Europe), Karner Blue Butterfly (North America), and Maned Wolf (South America).  The zoo entrance is in the shape of a tiger's mouth with a maze leading you to each exhibit.  The exhibits would provide notecards on each species, plus there would be links to the Wold Wildlife Fund's website.
In LunaMetamorphia's Words:

When trying to decide what to propose for this exhibit, I asked a friend, "If you could create anything, even if it was something not possible in real life, what would you make?"  Her response wasn't exactly what I was going for.  It was, "I would help the animals."  At first, I dismissed it as not having answered the question.

I later returned to her answer and asked myself, "How can I use my 3D art to help real life animals?"  The answer I came up with was a 3D zoo of endangered species; with links to donate to the World Wildlife Fund.  I wanted to help the animals, not only by asking for money to help them, but also by providing an educational exhibit.  For this purpose, I chose species that are not widely known and I've included links to information about them.

This has turned into a rather large undertaking!  Consequently, not all the environment objects are my own creations.  Things such as plants and rocks may have been created by other Second Life residents.  The items that are my creations are mostly mesh, so you will need a mesh enabled viewer to enjoy this exhibit.

Finally, I wanted to ad an element of fun to the exhibit, so I set the zoo within a garden maze!  There will be a treasure hunt on the first day of the exhibit, where you can get some of my products for free, and a few visitors will also win some L$!

Where does this idea go from here?  Since I started this project, it has turned into something even bigger!  I'm continuing modeling more creatures and environments.  I will them be using Unity 3D to create a social media game called: repop.  In this game, you will be care for animals, breed them, and help repopulate the world with endangered species both virtually and in real life!  How will playing the game help in real life?  1% of the annual profits will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund. (I hope to increase the percentage, as the game's popularity increases.)  If you'd like to know more about this upcoming project, please visit:


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