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Victoria Lenoirre's Look at "Second Libations" by Haveit Neox

This month at the LEA6 Full sim, "Second Libations" by Haveit Neox, is the featured work. Below, I have captured the Tower of the Bots, the main attraction. There is also a high tower structure, the Colossus, where you first land. The SLURL is below.
The landing point is a red and white target.

 I found myself in a wide open area of sand. Then I noticed a portal of white noise and 2 dogmen, men with dog hindquarters, hold up an arrow pointing to the door, "Enter here" they seem to be saying. I enter through a square tunnel and am now in a room full of wood blocks. There's a  open trapdoor, watch your step.

I found myself in a narrow passageway with signs telling of the end of the world and how bots are to blame. And bots are trying to rejuvenate humans with "simulated water." My favorite sign says, "Can you provide them with more effective means? They await your solution."  The next sign then welcomes the visitor to Second Libations.

Then as you turn the corner, you suddenly see bright oranges, instead of the dull brown. Take a few steps and you'll find yourself in a room full of figures...some dogmen and some men with fishtails. These are the "South Welcomers." I called this the "Welcomer room" and it's also where you find a rehydration fountain or pool. A froghead lady in a long gown points the way down the ramp so down I went.

After 2 flights I saw a sign for free Under Garments so I took some and then put them on. Then I got a cape to wear. Then a headdress. And then I got a ceremonial umbrella! Wow! The signs are all numbered. Sign 5 gives you a map.

I walked down several flights before falling and landing underwater. Then you have to climb up marble steps to reach the Temple of the Bots.

Past the lobby you see 3 doors, The Scripter's Web, the Librarynth, and the Banquet of Artists. I went to the Scripter's Web first. It was pretty straightforward and easy  to follow the map. The Librarynth was harder. After a lot of twists and  turns I found the study. Wow! And it was worth it. I saw ivory columns gilded in gold, desks cluttered with scrolls, you must see it for yourself. I  think it looks fascinating!

Then I flew back to the entrance and headed to the Banquet of Artists. The first room I saw was the Artist's Palette. According to the texture map, it is one of Haveit's Real Life palettes. Very nice!

Follow the path and eventually you'll find yourself underwater, this is Rescuscitation of Waters. Here is where you'll find sculptures like Recipe for Water and Body Shop. The underwater textures are very well rendered.

I love the animated cloud background and the texture flicker along the bottom of the Temple. The inside textures were classic and understated. As I looked around inside, I felt overwhelmed by all the books in the shelves. They were all arranged neatly, like they had been left untouched for a long time. Water covers the floor.

I also got a chance to ask the artist some burning questions. :-) He was more than happy to answer them.

After the welcome sign, there's a room or orange with pentacles. Is the orange simulating a fire? Why are the pentacles or dream catchers there?
>>  When the visitor enters the computer screen at the pyramid, they walk into the virtual world. The orange room is the first burst of color the visitor encounters, a gateway to Second Libations. Walking into the room, the avatar suddenly drops through a phantom floor, now having passed the frontier, so to speak. Once fallen into the next level, which is also saturated with color and texture, I was hoping the visitor would experience a slight culture shock, like arriving in a new country.

The South Welcomer room is interesting. What kind of creatures are they?
>> I’m not sure which room you’re referring to. Perhaps you could show me? In general however, I could tell you that there are several types of bots represented. As bots had been created by their human users, they vary in appearance and function. I grouped together certain categories. The centaur bots as an example tend to take the role of content creators. The humanoid bots are most likely to be the workers carrying the buckets of water. The frogs are the least linear in their function. Like humans, they seem to have been programmed to simulate free will. Some of them assist the content creators and even become content creators themselves, while others apply themselves to destruction. The Scripter’s tower is prey to a type of frog fish creature whose aim is to swallow up the internet, thereby bringing an end to the virtual world. These frogs are feasting on the spiders, the very builders of the internet, the web. The frogs are unpredictable, due to their random programming.
While the exhibit may appear to have a dark side on the surface, I have planted various indications of light heartedness, and even humor through out the space. In all of my builds, I want the visitor to recognize something that feels familiar, and hopefully even comfortable regardless of the ‘storm’ all around them. I think the contrast is interesting and a mirror of RL.

Do you build your own sculpts and mesh?
>> Only a few of the simpler sculpts are mine. The rest by and large are made by SL sculpt creators, but I  rearrange them. I have found some very fine sculpts, such as the mannequins. They have enough body parts to allow me flexibility in building a pose. Even the toes are separate pieces. You may notice that I combine sculpts in new ways. After arranging a pose I created, I apply my own self made textures to the pieces to finish the composition and give it yet another touch.  I am very influenced by the Mannerist style of the Renaissance. The classical gestures of Balinese dance are just under the surface at times. This is typical of how I enjoy mixing Asian and European influences into my work. I’ve been doing this blending of styles in my real life artwork for some 20 years now.

Do you create your own textures? I love that classic, antiquated look and feel to them.
>> Thank you Victoria. The bulk of the textures are mine. There are a few exceptions, such as the library bookshelves on the pillars which I purchased in SL. The antiqued look I get is from blending together photos and/or drawings and paintings I do in RL, with the tools available on Photoshop. When I travel, I love to take pictures of interesting subjects.

I like the rehydrated animation. Did you create that yourself?
>> Isn’t that great! No, that was from a place called SLC. I’ll post the lm here if you’d like to check out their animations.  They have a great choice of unusual ones.

The only thing I animated in the exhibit is the centaur with the frog on its back in the pool at the Banquet of Artists. I used the Puppeteer tool for that.

Why do visitors need the Under Garments?
>> Ah, the visitors actually don’t need anything. I simply placed the whole outfit at their disposal if they wish to blend into the culture of the bots. It’s another example where I insert something fun into the experience. Some people prefer not, and they are certainly as welcome as those who do wear the costume.
After the Resuscitating Waters room, I ended up back at the Artist's Palette. Do you have time to show me how to get to Recipes for Water? Thanks.
>> Of course:) I have just finished writing the above, so please let me know when you’d like to get together, and I’ll show you how to go there. It’s in the very last room of the Banquet of Artists. Or if you want to try on your own, here are the directions: The Banquet of Artists is in the Temple (the huge building on dry land). After walking in the main entrance of the Temple, you face three doors. The far right one will take you there. Go all the way to the end of that labyrinth. Follow the path into the water. That is the room underwater where the centaur and frog are animated. Recipe for Water is the installation in front of the wall mural of a woman facing a fireplace. Please let me know if you would like some help finding it, or if you have more questions.
Thank you
Haveit Neox

taken by Victoria Lenoirre

Front of Temple of Bots courtesy of RazoRZ

This is a fabulous body of work by Haveit Neox and I told him so last night when I met him and talked to him for a short time. He is currently working on builds at two sims. Details can be found at his Picks, check it out!

Victoria being rehydrated by 2 bots. :-)
Please visit "Second Libations"! It will be on the LEA full sim until December 31st! Visit it inworld here!

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