Thursday, December 1, 2011

Venezuela's Universidad Rafel Belloso Chacin @ UWA 3D Art Challenge

Students from the Universidad Rafel Belloso Chacin, Venezuela had been given a task by their lecturer Dr Doris Molero (Pionia Destiny, SL), as part of the English Language programme, to write a blog post about the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge Grand Finale Artworks. It is very pleasing to those running the challenge that this and other institutions around the world, such as York University have chosen to conduct aspects of their classes at the UWA Art Challenge galleries.

They were asked to consider the following questions:
1. What did you think of it? Take pictures of it.
2. Is this something that can be of help for your field of expertise? What are some of the applications you can see in your line of work?
3. Try to talk to someone attending the exhibition. Pick your favorite piece of art and send a message to the author asking about it. Take a picture of the piece and write why you liked it.

As follows are some of the interesting results of the students assignment:
Mahou Marcano
Mariangela Boscan
Patz Elric
Claudia Flores

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